4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Cannabis & Your Health

4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Cannabis & Your Health

When it comes to using cannabis, you may have a lot of questions. Many people use cannabis not only recreationally but also for its health benefits.

Depending on your personal situation, you may be wondering exactly how cannabis may affect your health. If you are looking to learn more about cannabis and your health, here are 5 questions to ask your doctor.

1. Can I Talk to My Doctor About Cannabis?

Before you decide to talk to your doctor about cannabis, it is a great idea to do some research. Look into the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis use in your state. Medical marijuana is not yet legal in every state.

Even so, you can talk to your doctor about obtaining a medical marijuana card depending on your health condition. Even if marijuana isn’t legal in your state, you can still ask your doctor about cannabis and your health. If you live in Canada, look into a Canadian cannabis dispensary and see what products are available to you.

If you trust your doctor and are open about your concerns, they’ll be able to work with you and give you the advice you need.

2. Can Cannabis Help My Medical Condition?

One of the biggest reasons you may want to bring up cannabis with your doctor is due to a medical condition you are dealing with. There are many medical conditions people suffer from that cannabis can help with.

Whether that be chronic pain, anxiety, or severe illnesses like cancer. Many people have friends that have talked about using cannabis to help their medical condition.

You may be interested in using cannabis as an addition or alternative to traditional products. If this is the case, be sure to ask your doctor if cannabis can help your medical condition.

If there have been studies linking the benefits of cannabis to your medical condition, your doctor may be able to help you obtain a medical card. Even if you aren’t looking for medical marijuana, your doctor can help you identify if using cannabis may help your medical condition in any way.

3. How Do I Use Cannabis?

If you are brand new to using cannabis you may not know how to use it and there may be better ways for you to use it for your own needs. Your doctor can help you figure out the best way for you to use cannabis. If you have other health conditions, they may recommend edibles such as delta 8 gummies over smoking or have other tips that can aid you.

4. What Type of Products Should I Use?

There are different strains and types of cannabis that have different effects. You may want to use different products to treat anxiety than you would for chronic pain. If this is the case, you can talk to your doctor about what cannabis products may be the best for you to use.

Many people may want to use cannabis for its medicinal properties without getting high. This is a great question to ask your doctor, and they may point you towards CBD products over cannabis products high in THC.

CBD products are great options for those suffering from anxiety or sleep problems. There are still a lot of questions out there about CBD. If you’re looking for more information on how CBD can affect your health, check out these helpful blog posts. They cover every question you may have about how CBD can affect your body.

5. What Are the Side Effects?

One reason people may be apprehensive about using cannabis is the side effects. Not everybody will experience the same side effects. Asking your doctor about what types of side effects you may experience can help you better prepare for using cannabis.

You can also talk with them about your body and how cannabis may affect you specifically. Some common side effects of cannabis include:

  • an increased feeling of happiness
  • slowed reaction time
  • pain relief
  • dry mouth
  • lung problems

Depending on your health, asking about side effects is a good way to know if using cannabis would be right for you. For example, if you have a history of asthma, smoking marijuana may not be the right choice for the effects it may have on the lungs.

In that case, you can work with your doctor on alternative options for cannabis use. Different strains can also have different side effects, so you can talk about which strains may help you in the long run. For example, some Royal Queen strains are a very good option for people with stress, anxiety, and depression, as they contain a high level of CBD, which also decreases the possibility of major side effects.


If you have health conditions, cannabis can be a great addition or alternative to traditional treatment methods. Even if you are just hesitant about how cannabis may affect your health, feel free to ask your doctor these questions.

They will be able to help you take the first steps towards your journey with cannabis. You may even find a treatment option that works for you and your health when asking about cannabis.

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