4 Reasons to Insulate

The reasons to insulate your business facilities properly is not only about lowering the cost of your utility bills. In fact, your first responsibility is to make sure that you and your entire staff remain comfortable throughout the year. Therefore, for those of you who are considering installing new insulation in the buildings that you occupy, here are some of the top reasons why this can be a very good decision for you.

1. Prevents Hot Air from Escaping the Building in the Winter Months

If you have inspected the insulation in one or more of your business facilities, the results of your inspection may be a lot different from what you were expecting. Since the condition of the insulation can vary greatly from relatively good to extremely poor, you may need to invest in all new insulation for your building to correct problems that you have identified. For instance, if you have old insulation in your building, there is a huge chance that large amounts of the hot air from your heating systems are seeping out of the roofing and other areas all of the time. Therefore, even if you have the best heating system in the industry, everyone in the building can still be shivering from the cold elements outside.

To correct these problems, you can buy all new insulation for the building so that you can have it installed. Before you invest in this kind of project, however, you should also search for the best type of insulation that will provide your building with the best results. For instance, for the large facilities that you own, you may want to invest in industrial insulation so that everyone in the building will be warm and comfortable throughout the entire day.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption and Waste

Unfortunately, when the insulation in your buildings is not performing at its maximum capacity, the energy consumption in these areas can rise easily above the norm. However, when you switch out the old insulation with new insulation, you can cut down on energy consumption by as much 20%. This is because the furnace in your buildings will not have to work overtime to make up for these losses. This is also one of the primary reasons why many of today’s business owners have their own business facilities evaluated for these and other related issues.

3. Reduces the Cost of your Utilities

As previously mentioned, a poorly insulated building causes the heating systems to run extra hard to keep the building warm. Based on the severity of these issues, the heating systems may even work overtime too. Also, if the thermostats are programmed to heat up the entire building, the extra stress on these systems can be very costly. So, if you want to reduce the cost of the utilities that keep rising, you can choose to install new insulation in the areas that are needed most. The cost of the reduction is normally proportionate to the improvements made in your building’s overall efficiency. In short, one of the most common reasons for installing new insulation is to cut the cost of your utility bills.

4. Improve the Quality of the Air in Your Buildings

Another of the common reasons to insulate a new insulation in your buildings is to improve the quality of the air. Even though many business owners may not be fully aware of the impact that old insulation has on the air that is circulating through their building, poor air quality can be a huge factor in making these decisions, too. For instance, if your buildings are inspected for their overall comfort, air quality may be a significant part of the assessment that is performed. While there are many different ways to address these issues, one of the most effective is replacing old worn out dirty insulation with all new high-quality insulation types.

There are many different reasons for installing new insulation in the buildings that you own today. Some of the most common include preventing air from seeping out because of old worn insulation, reducing the cost of your energy bills, improving the quality of the air in your business facilities, and reducing energy waste.

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