4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Custom Bobblehead Dolls as Gifts

You’re on your way back home when you suddenly receive an invitation to your colleague’s/ boss’ wedding. You’re panicking since you don’t know what to buy for their gift. This is probably a dilemma most people suffer from, and we get it. It’s hard to get a safe gift that can be used by everybody, no matter what the age here. Fortunately, we have good news here! You can give them custom bobblehead dolls, For example Crebobble dolls like this,as they are some of the safest gifts we’ve ever seen. If you want to know why they’re safe, do check the reasons below!

Shaped According to Your Will

What makes custom bobblehead dolls the perfect gifts is its flexibility. Custom means “being able to shape something according to your desire,” so you can make a bobblehead according to the shape you desire. You can also add objects to them. Do you want a bobblehead with an over-sized head and lots of instrumental devices? Or do you want to create a simple bobblehead that has a unique pose? You can do all of that just by ordering it. That’s not so bad, isn’t it?

Available for Everybody

Another reason why custom bobblehead dolls are the perfects gifts is its usability. Most of the time, we don’t know what a person likes or needs. We would love to give something they need or love, but we can’t read minds. Sometimes the objects they need are too expensive too, so we cannot afford them.

Custom bobblehead dolls are whole different matters though. It’s not that pricey, and it can be used by everybody. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a custom doll of themselves sitting at the desk nicely? It’s like a mini version of themselves! To make it even better, the dolls are not limited by age. It means that everybody, from a little kid to an elder, can use bobbleheads as decorations. Since everybody can use it, there’s no need for you to worry whether the gift is appropriate for the person’s age or not. They will use to decorate their house/room/office.

Any Occasion

Again, custom bobblehead dolls’ does not discriminate parties, events, or themes. All kinds of parties and events can use custom bobblehead dolls, from weddings to celebratory parties (whatever the topic is). The only occasion you cannot use bobblehead is probably during funerals, and you don’t bring gifts to those kinds of events. So thanks to its flexibility, custom bobblehead dolls can be given for any type of party. No need to worry about adjusting to the theme, since any kind of theme is suitable for bobbleheads.

Online Order and Revision

Thanks to technology, there’s no need for us to go out when we order our custom bobblehead dolls. You can find any online custom bobblehead doll on Google and click the one you like the most. This is probably the most essential step since you want to make sure you’ll get a high-quality store. So it’s better to take your time choosing the online store you want.

After that, you can put your order right away. You can review and revise the form before printing it. This step is also essential, as it prevents minor mistakes and unnecessary troubles as much as possible.

Since you order it online, you don’t need to use any vehicle whatsoever. All you need are electronic devices (laptop or cellphone), internet, and the picture you want to print as the bobblehead doll.

Ordering Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Although online custom bobblehead dolls have different ways to order the doll, they have similar steps. The steps are:

1.Go to the internet and find the right online bobblehead store for you.

2.Choose the kind of pose or body you want for the doll.

3.Upload the photo online through the store’s website. If it’s not possible, you can send it by email.

4.The store will make a blueprint of how the doll will look like. Check the design and revise it according to your will.

5.Check and re-check the blueprint until you’re satisfied with the result.

6.Confirm with the store regarding the blueprint result.

7.Make your payment.

8.Wait for your custom bobblehead dolls to arrive at your doorstep.

Easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t even take around fifteen minutes to make your first design, so you can do it any time, anywhere. The hardest part is probably getting the right image and pose, but we’re sure you can find the image and pose you need.

Start Ordering Now!

As can be seen, there are lots of benefits from ordering custom bobblehead dolls online. Not only you can make your doll with freedom, but you can also order them from your home. No hassle, no trouble, and you’re done!


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