4 Reasons Why you Should Upgrade Your Router

4 Reasons Why you Should Upgrade Your Router

In the middle of the pandemic, it is important to have a strong WiFi connection now that everything has shifted online. From online classes to work from home setups, even our internet speed needs to upgrade. This is true if there are a lot of people in your household using the net. But what if you are already subscribed to fixed internet speed and it is still slow? Now, that won’t be good especially if everyone in your home is going to video call with other people, research online, do some work and more. You can’t just ask everyone else to disconnect to the WiFi so you can hog all the WiFi, am I right? Aside from asking for a faster internet plan from your service provider, you should also check out your WiFi router.

Some people may not know this, but oftentimes, the reason that your internet is slow is because of your WiFi router. Updating your WiFi router also offers a lot of perks! In this article, we will talk about them and why you should replace the free router you got from your internet service provider.

What’s the difference between a wired router from a wireless one?

These are the two types of WiFi routers available in the market. Wired routers, also known as ethernet cables, are directly connected to computers. This means that the internet connection is faster with ethernet cables. If you are using fast broadband, wired routers can carry up to 100 MB per second. When it comes to price, wired routers are also cheaper compared to wireless ones. However, since you are going to connect your computers directly, there is only a limit to how many devices can connect. Plus, they may be harder to reconfigure. You would also probably see this type of router in offices. On the other hand, wireless routers are the most famous type of router in households. From the word itself, wireless routers will let you connect to the internet without the need for cables. Some routers also have the best of both ethernet and wireless connections. There are other WiFi routers available depending on your needs. But at the end of the day, we can all agree that we all need a router for any type of internet connection.

How would I know which type of router to choose?

If you make a quick Google search about the most recommended WiFi router, you will probably get hundreds of articles about it. While it can be overwhelming, just think about the reason why you are searching for one in the first place. Some people would like to have a faster internet speed specifically for gaming, others would like to upgrade to accommodate more devices. To help you get started, here are some recommendations that you should consider.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, speed, and efficiency, check out these D-link routers. Whether you need an ethernet connection, wireless, or a good mix of both, there is a D-link router for you.

Reasons why you should change your router

Going back, your internet service provider probably gave you a free router after you subscribed to their internet plan. However, these routers are often outdated and may not perform well as we hope. If you are still iffy about replacing your router, here are some pros when you upgrade to a router that fits your needs.

Faster WiFi speed

Well, this is the main reason for upgrading your router after all. To clarify, internet speed is different from WiFi speed. Internet speed depends on the maximum speed that your internet service provider can give you based on your monthly subscription. WiFi speed on the other hand refers to how your router will disperse the internet speed from your ISP. The AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router can support more than 15 devices! Everyone in the household can enjoy faster WiFi speed simultaneously. This router can also support simultaneous video gaming and streaming!

Better coverage

Have you experienced getting a good connection on that one certain spot in the house, but if you try to move around, your connection becomes laggy? Well, dead zones could be due to your router. The D-link COVR Whole Home Wi-Fi can cover up to 6,000 square feet. You will now have no problem streaming 4k content wherever you are in the house.

Updated security features

Outdated routers tend to be more vulnerable which makes everyone connected to the network vulnerable as well. There are also a bunch of new generation routers that have anti-virus, firewall, and VPN support. The D-Link Router Systems AC1750 has VPN support. It masks your IP address so nobody can trace whatever you are doing online. So whether you are doing some online transactions or whatever private business, you are secured from attacks and cybercriminals.

Parental controls

If you are a parent, having a router with a parental control feature will be extremely helpful and convenient. You may set up some rules for your child’s device. For example, some routers can alert you if your child is trying to access sites that are not appropriate to their age. Some routers can also set a schedule to limit your child’s screen time. So even if you are not at home, your router can still automatically implement parental controls.

Upgrade your router now!

With our current situation, we all need a stable and reliable internet connection now more than ever. If you’re having problems with your connection, chances are it’s because of your current router at home. If you do the math, shelling out a few cash to invest in a really good router can be cheaper in the long run. It will also save you from unwanted stress from having a laggy connection. Depending on your need, there are different specific router that can cater to your needs. If you are looking for a good selection of wireless routers, D-link has a good line up of routers.

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