4 Simple Steps To Make Your Home More Modern

4 Simple Steps To Make Your Home More Modern

Do you have a traditional-style home but love the clean feel of more modern styles? You can have the best of both by making simple switches to make your interior more up-to-date. Modern homes play with light and space but in a simple, elegant way.

Check out our four easy changes you can make today to achieve this look.

1. Update Your Light Fittings

One of the simplest ways to immediately make your home look more modern is to switch out your old-fashioned light fittings and lamps for new ones. There are many ways to do this, like adding a pendant light. We love the ones available from https://www.lightingplus.co.nz/lighting/pendant-lightsbecause they’re elegant and create a focal point for the room. You’ll draw attention right to this feature and make the room feel more bright and more open in the process.

One great tip to transform your kitchen is to put spotlights under the cabinets to make your kitchen have a real wow factor. Another option is to add a decorative lamp to your bookshelves. These are great for breaking up rows and rows of books and finding what you need more easily. How do you do this? Choose high-tech and super chic lighting strips above and below your artwork; you can find these easily available at local home stores.

2. Simplify Soft Furnishings

Less is more never still rings true, especially for cushions and blankets. Throws in natural colors are easy to style alongside your current decor, and if you’re looking to have a few for warmth, you can style them in a Hessian basket when not in use.

The trend for loud, gaudy blankets and cushions has passed, and the key to having your home look expensive and modern is plain throws. The best part is you can also lower your energy bills simply by using extra throws and blankets.

3. Make Your Home Clutter-Free

Modern is always associated with clean lines and tidiness – which is why the term is incompatible with clutter. Not only this, but clutter can be extremely detrimental to your health.

It’s time to streamline your belongings and organize your house. One of the easiest ways to make your home look more put together is by adding extra storage, so everything is where it belongs, and every single item has a place.

If you find you have clothes spilling onto the floor, then invest in some vacuum bags,s so you can store your wardrobe by season. If in doubt – throw it out! There are plenty of opportunities to donate, or you could even organize a swap party with your friends.

4. Switch Carpets For Hardwood

If you’re ready to make greater changes to your home, a strong choice is to switch your carpets for hardwood floors. Carpets are soft on your feet and excellent as an extra layer of insulation but can look worn over time, which takes away from the elegance of your home. If you want to add a touch of drama to your home, opt for darker wood shades, but if you want the light to bounce off the floor and walls, choose lighter shades.

A small room might benefit from lighter colors as this gives the appearance of being bigger than it is, while a larger room can handle the darker tones.

Update Your Home

When modernizing your home, think about concepts of minimalism and the look you want to achieve. Try our simple changes, whether adding focal points of hardwood flooring and pending lighting, or even simpler options like changing your soft furnishings out – or even free and fast solutions like a good spring clean and tidy up.

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