4 Suprising Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Yard

There are many benefits to planting a tree, including the obvious fact that they happen to be pretty. However, for homeowners with more than aesthetics in mind, there are more benefits from adding trees to a yard or property than simple looks.

4 Suprising Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Yard

Trees Increase the Value of Your Property

Arborist News went estimates a 3 to 15% increase in property values associated with planting trees. The USDA gives the value of an urban tree around $90 per plant. That’s an incredible value.

Thank location! Trees placed in the front yard makes your yard look smaller and the street bigger. This is an unconscious signal to drivers that they can speed- an obviously unwanted tactic in residential areas. To combat this and make your street and home appear more attractive, plant trees in the strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the street. This trick will subtly hint to motorists that they should drive slowly, and make your lawn look bigger. A win-win!

Some trees are more appropriate for your climate than others, so make sure you’re choosing yours wisely. If you have questions, reach out to a local tree care company such as Tree Service Carmel.

Trees Make Kids Brainy

Well…sort of. A 2014 study showed that students with trees outside their classroom windows performed better on tests than students without. In this study, students who had access to trees performed higher in Math and English, in addition to having a higher graduation rate.

Will planting a tree  in your yard make your children smarter? Maybe not, but trees do seem to make people more productive. So if you’re wanting little Suzie to get into an Ivy, planting a couple of maples in the backyard certainly won’t hurt.

4 Suprising Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Yard

Trees Help You Heal

This might seem both obvious and crazy, but it’s true. Numerous studies show that people who live near trees and other greenery recover from surgery faster, feel the equivalent of 7 years younger, and even are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

These studies seem to indicate one fact in particular: trees need to be planted near driveways and roads in order to be most effective. This circles back to point number one: it seems that planting a tree or two between your sidewalk and your curb has multiple benefits!

Trees Save You Money

Being able to turn off your air conditioner and saving money on your power bill sounds like an amazing deal, right? Well, according to the EPA, during summer a shaded surface can be up to 45 degrees cooler than an unshaded one. That means that a tree shading home will keep it cooler. To reap these benefits, plant trees on the western side of a building, especially when they shade a roof or a window.

Consider Potted Trees

If you lack space, or are renting a home, and want some trees a great way to go is potted trees. Many varieties of trees do well in pots. Trees sensitive to cold like citrus fruit trees thrive well in a pot on the sunny patio during warm months and be brought inside during cold months. Ficus can also grow well in a pot both indoors and for your porch or patio during warm weather. Click here for more Ficus type trees.



Hire a tree care company to help you keep your trees healthy for the years ahead. They can assist with trimming to avoid limbs falling and damaging your house. They, also, can help your trees stay protected from the dangers of disease and insects.

There are many more benefits to trees than simply the way they look, and many home and property owners will find additional value in adding a few trees to their yard. Which benefit surprised you the most?

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