4 Tips for Becoming a Happy and Healthier You

No matter your background, age, gender, or experience level, it’s never too late to become a healthier you! From diet and exercise to changing daily habits, there are a variety of factors that go into wanting to become healthy. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you jump-start your health and fitness journey.

1. Stop Dieting

You’ll save yourself tons of time, money, and frustration by ditching those quick-fix diets, “magic” weight loss pills, and “tummy-shrinking” teas. The first rule of being healthy is to start thinking of it as a lifestyle instead of a short-term goal, which often ends in failure and frustration. Instead, practice making better food choices every day. Prioritize eating whole, nutritious foods over processed foods, and try to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies at every meal along with essential oils for weight loss. Remember, eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a short-term fix.

2. Move More (Every Day!)

The biggest part of healthy eating is making it a priority to be active every single day. Don’t worry, you don’t have to play sports or be a bodybuilder to “be healthy,” either. Whether you decide to go for a walk, ride your bike or hit, start by doing at least 30 minutes of activity every day. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, replacing 30 minutes of your day with some kind of movement could even help you live a longer life.

A reminder before you start any new physical exercise. It’s always smart to talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, especially if you have any health concerns or past injuries. Plus, it’s good preventive care to have a yearly wellness visit with your doctor. If you live in Australia, visit gp parramatta to learn more about setting up with a new doctor.

3. Practice Good Sleeping Habits

In addition to healthy eating and exercising habits, one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle means getting enough shut-eye each and every day. Of course, it’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep can help increase energy levels, improve moods and attention spans, reduce inflammation, and lower stress. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you should adopt the following sleep habits:

Be Consistent

Set a consistent sleep schedule for yourself to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. To get in the habit of this routine, try to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends.

Create a Relaxing Routine

Your routine before bed can make or break a good night’s sleep. After brushing your teeth and changing into your pajamas, make it a habit to turn off any sleep disruptions, like your TV and other electronic devices. Instead, wind down with a relaxing activity, like reading a book or meditating. It’s also a good rule of thumb to avoid large meals, caffeine, and alcohol at least two hours before going to sleep.

Find the Right Setup

Your sleep routine only works if you have the right tools to support it. One of the keys to achieving quality sleep is finding the right mattress to sleep on. Like Goldilocks, you want a mattress that’s not too firm and not too plush for optimal sleep. With a consistent sleep routine and the right mattress, you’ll be on your way to better sleep and a healthier you in no time.

4. Prioritize Your Mental Health

In addition to your physical health and wellness, your mental well-being is a huge part of your journey to a healthier you. Here are a few ways you can start to prioritize your mental health:

  • Practice mindfulness daily (i.e., meditation or yoga).
  • Take breaks to rest and reflect.
  • Keep a journal to track your thoughts and goals.
  • Make time for self-care and “me” time.
  • Spend time with loved ones.
  • Seek professional help from a mental health physician.

Bottom line: Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and should be prioritized equally.

Be a Happier and Healthier You!

A healthier lifestyle is just around the corner. Be the happiest and healthiest by incorporating these healthy habits into your everyday routine.

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