4 Tips for Making Healthy Cat Food

Making healthy cat food is essential to a cat’s body. Of course you deeply love for your pet, then you want to give the best food. Note that improper feeding of the pet may deter its growth and create healthy problems that will shorten the cat’s life.

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Additionally, preparing one type of food for it can also bore the cat. Bored cats will smell the food once or twice and leave it there, which is not a good sign. Therefore, what are some of the things you should do to prepare healthy cat food? We will show you four tips that if you follow them. it will reduce the number of times your cat has to visit the vet.

Prepare the meal yourself

Just like when you want to maintain consistent body weight, people often tend to eat at home mostly, which is the best idea by the way. When you purchase food, you do not know what they put inside the meals. Some of the companies that prepare these foods may contaminate its contents; therefore, affecting the cat’s health. The main reason for preparing your food is that you know what you place inside the menu; you will be able to track the cat’s health without difficulty.

This may sound like a challenge. But once you find the proper ingredients it becomes easier. Fresh organic ground meat is best. Many opt for a ground chicken or turkey. You may, also, find rabbit that can be ordered online. You can add some fish, but don’t over do it as too  much fish isn’t the healthiest for a cat’s digestion and kidneys.

You also need to add supplement powder into the food. The supplement replaces what’s missing in the ground meat if your cat were eating something wild. You can find several brands available on Amazon. (Click on image below to be directed to that available product.)

Half cooked meals are the best

The debate between half-cooked, fully prepared, and eating raw meals continues among cat nutritionists. However, I think that does not matter. Before you debate about the disadvantage of each, think about the benefits. The benefits of each will, obviously, outweigh the limitations. Therefore, as a wise cat keeper, be a person that goes with variety. Your pet will let you know which kind they prefer: raw, cooked, or half-cooked.

If you decide making your own food is too hard, then opt for a quality brand cat food that offers the good nutrition without adding a lot of fillers. I’ve found out from caring for my own cats that has a lot of gravy. Foods on the lower price scale also tend to be the least healthy because of the meat quality, fillers, etc. I try to pick a variety of flavors choices, but avoid bouncing between different brands. I learned this the hard way after our older cat had digestive issues after we suddenly switched foods.

The same goes if you feed dry food. Pick a high quality food that fits your cat’s age and needs. Look for those without a lot of grain fillers. Meat should be your first ingredients.

healthy Siamese cat

Include water in the cat’s diet

Researchers conclude that male cats drink more water than their female counterparts do. However, less water in the body leads to dehydration and urinary tract disease, especially for males. Therefore, as a way to ensure that your cat remains hydrated, try to serve him or her with moistened food. It will contribute to increased moisture levels within the digestive tract. Remember that cats love to drink fresh water. That’s why water water fountains are a great choice because it filters the water continuously, keeping it fresh.

Avoid giving cats the following foods

Cats have sensitive digestive tracts. The cat may be unable to digest some of the foods like chocolate and caffeine. Keep the cat from chewing cooked bones. Heat usually weakens the bones, which can be a threat to the cat’s internal body parts. Other types of food that you should keep off include garlic, onions, tomatoes, grapes, sweets, sugars, raw dough, alcohol, and of course, dog foods.

If the cat eats any of these “dangerous” foods, it is essential that you rush him or her to the nearest vet as soon as possible. Ensure that you hide dangerous food since curious cats could do everything to access the meal.


For a cat to live a healthy and long life, a pet owner need only to take a little time to create a nutrition plan that fits their pet’s needs. This plan will change over time, as the pet ages. With all the food recalls and unhealthy ingredients put into pet food, many are making healthy cat food at home. It may take a little extra planning, but the benefits can be well worth it. Need more ideas? Get the book: Purr-fect Recipes for a Healthy Cat

For a more comprehensive outline of the best methods to prepare meals for your cat, be sure to visit FelineLiving.net.

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