4 Tips to Buying an Aquaponics Kit

Planning to rear fish or just keep a simple aquarium in your house for aesthetic purposes? Then you need to acquaint yourself with some basics about fish rearing and aquaponics in general. You will need to know how to keep your fish and aquatic plants in good condition. There are a few factors that you need to put into consideration before buying your aquaponics kit. You can check out this site https://www.aquaponicsdiyer.com/aquaponics-kits/ for more insight and information. Here though, are a few tips that can guide you to getting the best aquaponic kit.

 1. Type of Fish

Different fish thrive in varying environments. You need to consider the kind of environment you live in to determine the kind of an aquaponic kit you are going to buy. The type of kit is dependent on the type of fish you are going to rear based on your environment. If you are in a warm environment, then you may consider getting a kit that does not significantly cool the water as the fish you will rear are from a warm environment. If you live in a cooler environment like in the temperate region, you are most likely going to rear fish such as trout. Choose a kit depending on the type of fish you intend to keep.

  2. Space

You need to consider the size of your aquaponics kit. The size will depend on the purpose you intend to use it for. There are different sizes for different homes and for different uses. If you want one simply for decorative purposes only, then you might consider going for a small kit that will fit your living room area. If you want one for rearing fish to eat and sell, then you can go for a big one that you can keep in a secluded area. Just ensure that you have enough space for the kit you intend to buy.

    3. Lighting

Check the lighting system your kit comes with. You need just enough light to monitor the health of your fish and to encourage plant growth. If the lighting is insufficient, it might affect negatively the aquatic environment of your kit and have your fish getting affected. You can add artificial light if need be, or strategically place your kit where it gets enough natural light. It is important you control and manages the amount of light to get the right balance for the fish and plants, and prevent algae from growing in your aquarium.

    4. Water Pump

You will need a good supply of water especially for the plants on the grow bed and for circulation. Check the type of pump you kit comes with. A good pump should have a 24-hour time that you can set to have it supply the required amount of water at given time intervals. This comes in handy especially when you have to leave your aquarium unattended to for a couple of days. The water in the kit also needs to be circulated to maintain a fresh supply consistently.

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