4 Tips To Make Hybrid Working More Productive

4 Tips To Make Hybrid Working More Productive

The pandemic forced many office workers to adapt to work from home, but now with calls to go back to the office, hybrid working is emerging as the most common and popular option.

If you’re struggling to adapt to the change of environments from day to day — this is the article for you. We’ve compiled our top four tips for adapting to hybrid working.

1. Clean Surroundings

There’s a reason that a tidy home and tidy mind go together but the same can be said for the office.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, it’s important to have a clean and organized environment. We highly recommend hiring commercial and residential cleaning services to help keep your space spick and span all the time. Studies show that regularly cleaning your desk and office can improve your mental health, boost productivity and the quality of work you produce.

If you’re looking for ideas for team-building, you can always organize a cleaning hour for your entire office with some pizza and make it a party. A clean environment promotes a clean mind and boosts productivity — try this easy fix for your workplace.

2. Replicate Your Office

One key technique to feeling comfortable and at ease in your work office and home office is to make them as similar as possible. For example, if you have a paper stack on the left-hand side of your desk at the office, replicate this at home.

It’s also important to remember not to sit slouched in your bed or on the couch on the days you work from home — your back will thank you! This will also help you to switch your “work brain” on. While it’s crucial to be comfortable, think of your home office as being just as professional as your workplace.

Consider having the same furniture in both offices, if you can, to help your back as well as your level of productivity. It might not be possible to have everything match but if you can achieve a degree of similarity, this makes the transition between locations easier.

3. Time block

The best way to manage your schedule between teleworking and being in the office is to time block.

It’s tempting to snooze until five minutes before your morning meeting when you work from home instead of doing your daily commute. In place of this, try and use that time for activities that will promote productivity and make you happy. This could be exercising before work, listening to a podcast, walking your dog, or eating a special breakfast.

Make sure you block this time out in your calendar and make it a priority on the days you have that extra time from not having to commute.

4. Set Boundaries

Just because you spend some days at the office and some days at home doesn’t mean you should forget to set boundaries for yourself. You should be sure to implement start and end times for your workday so that you have a set boundary between work and personal time. This will help you to stay balanced, focused, and productive.

Boost Your Productivity

While hybrid working isn’t a new concept, it’s new to thousands of workers who are grappling with this concept. Be sure to set your expectations alongside your boundaries and make hybrid working work for you.

Ensure both office setups suit you and amend your schedule to ensure you have time for fun in your life. Productivity is always boosted by a strong work/life balance.

Try out our four tips today and note your improvements.

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