4 Tips To Taking Care Of A New Puppy

Without a shadow of a doubt, a puppy can be a nice addition to the family. They are adorable to have around and they can provide good companionship. However, taking care a new puppy can be a daunting task that requires the utmost dedication. Lots of lifestyle adjustments are required to ensure that the puppy feels comfortable and loved. Here are a few tips you can use to take care of your new puppy and a fur baby checklist to make sure you cover all the angles of being a great pet parent.

1. The puppy needs to be fed properly

Just like you cannot survive on an improper diet, your adorable puppy will also not survive on a poor and unbalanced diet. Due to the new puppy being young, its metabolism will be high. Therefore, it will eat and drink regularly due to its high appetite.

So, ensure that you feed your puppy at appropriate and regular times. Giving it the right formulated foods will ensure it receives the required nutrients thus keeping it healthy and active. In case you are not sure what and how to feed your puppy, consult a professional veterinarian.

Remember, your puppy’s diet will be determined by its breed type, age, and size.

2.Provide Puppy Accessories

A good way to take care of your puppy is by providing it with everything dog-related. As mentioned earlier, taking care of a new puppy is no easy feat. It is like taking care of a baby. Start by providing it with proper puppy bedding for a comfortable and warm night sleep. Second, ensure that grooming items such as dog brush, dog shampoo, dog towel, and dog conditioner are available. The cleanliness of your new puppy is of paramount importance. Others include proper feeding items, appropriate dog harnesses, dog collars, and dog toys.

For example, bright color surf dog collar designs will bring a little of the beach to your dog’s wardrobe. These ocean-ready collars, which come in relaxed colors, laid-back patterns, and epic motifs, are ideal for showing off your and your dog’s gone-surfing lifestyle.

3. Give it Ample Protection

Naturally, puppies are curious and anxious when exposed to a new environment which makes them vulnerable to harmful elements. This makes it imperative to protect your new puppy at all cost. Ensure that the house is well protected by keeping the playing area safe.

In the event of sickness and injury, seek medical attention from a qualified vet. Be very alert for early indications of sickness. Moreover, ensure that your puppy gets all the necessary dog vaccines and deworming injections.

During cold weather, you can provide appropriate warmth to your puppy. Clad it with appropriate dog clothes, cuddle it from time to time and provide warm food and water. This will prevent it from catching cold weather ailments. Lastly, protect it from harmful objects and chemicals in and outside the house.

4. Ensure It Gets Proper Socialization

Introducing your new puppy to sociable spaces is a good way to take care of its emotional, social and physical needs. Taking regular walks to different places helps to build your new puppy’s social interaction abilities. It makes it comfortable around people, other puppies, and different environments.

Physically, you will keep your puppy healthy and active. Walking has been shown to help burn extra calories thus minimizing the chances of your puppy suffering from obesity and other ailments. Other forms of exercises are also encouraged but avoid the strenuous and rough plays.

Bonus Tip: In order to make your new puppy comfortable, shower it with love and attend to its every need. This way you make it adjust smoothly to the new environment by reducing anxiety and stress factors.

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