4 Tips to Transform Your Home in the Spring

4 Tips to Transform Your Home in the Spring

Too many times, we’ve vowed to make real changes in our homes. Too many times, those changes have been that the garage now has 4sq ft less space in it and there’s now another small table or chest of drawers somewhere. Not this year.

This year, we’ll guide you through how to make your home feel bigger, brighter, and a better place to live. Let’s go.

1. Get Rid of All Your Junk – All of It

There’s a time for sentimentality, and there’s a time for ruthlessness. Junk disposal fits the latter description. Time to awaken your inner Marie Kondo – give it to someone who wants it, such as the aptly named We Love Junk.

Selecting items based on what sparks joy is a great place to start. However, we’re bound to run into items that we know don’t “spark joy” for us, but what if they have a use in the future? What if our descendants would want to see them, what if we’re destroying our legacy?

We have to view things through the brutal eyes of the finder. Items like photo albums and valuable jewelry speak for themselves – nobody’s going to throw them out. Weird old teapots, high school study books from 1996, and an abandoned collection of wine corks are going to be met with a “huh”. Perhaps “hey, look at this!” And then they’re going in the junk pile.

Live with what you love, and leave only what you love to the next generation. And you’ll love your living space a lot more when it’s free from clutter.

2. Update Your Unloved Furniture

We’ve all made a bad household purchase in our time and been too stubborn to admit it. What we need now is action.

Perhaps that leather sofa felt luxurious in the shop, but you don’t enjoy sticking to it when you’re lightly dressed and watching TV in summer. Perhaps those dining chairs look stately but are frankly just a bit painful to sit on. And who knew you’d never learn to stop banging your knee on that table when you stand up?

If it’s not working, write it off and move on. Donate it to a used furniture shop or if it’s fairly new, find a buyer. Your home comforts should be comfortable as well as attractive.

3. Go Green

If you’ve never owned houseplants, it’s common to be afraid that you’ll let them die. We have one word for you: succulents. They require minimal care and are beautiful indoor plants that bring life to your home interior.

For seasoned plant enthusiasts, maybe it’s time for a trip to a garden center to indulge yourself. New plants freshen up a room and watching them grow gives you an intimate connection to your living space.

If you have a garden, perhaps it’s time to go beyond green and let all the colors of Spring and Summer bloom. Looking out from your kitchen or living room and seeing a vibrant, flourishing garden is an overwhelmingly wholesome feeling.

4. Choose A Home Wardrobe

You know the “in-between” outfits. They don’t quite fit any of the following categories:

  • Nice enough to go out in
  • Comfortable enough to wear at home
  • Nice or comfortable enough to entertain guests in

Get ‘em out. If you look at an outfit in the mirror, and it doesn’t feel at home, it doesn’t belong at home. Clothes for entertaining and just feeling great in your living space are part of the bigger picture. Replenish your wardrobe with clothes that you’ll wear, and that put you at ease in your house.

Choosing the Right Day

Pick a change you’d like to make, and take a day off to address it. You’ll be amazed what you can get done in that time. The results will benefit your happy home for years to come.

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