4 Unique Gift Ideas

Unique gift ideas can be hard to come by regardless of whether you’re buying for the holidays, birthdays or special occasions. Sometimes every gift idea you can think of is something you’ve given before. I mean, a girl can only use so much bath products, am I right? Here’s a list of unique gifts for all occasions.

Unique Gift Ideas

Practical gifts are always appreciated but giving unique gifts really sets you apart from others. I often recommend looking for a handmade present. While handmade items have a special place in gift-giving, sometimes you may not find the right one for certain people in your life. However, there are some really nice unique gifts you can give. And, these are gifts they can enjoy for a while. You can find all of the following unique gift ideas online making it fast and easy to shop. Give your gifts an element of surprise by wrapping them up.

1. A Wine Gift Pak

If you’re buying for a guy or gal that loves wine, this is a unique gift that will make them smile. With a gift from NakedWinery.com you can choose from a variety of selections that your loved one can enjoy. And, who knows, they may share with you! Expect to pay between $50 to $150 for a wine gift.

2. Robo Pets

All the joy of a pet without the food bill and mess. Robo pet is a mechanical puppy that has all the characteristics of a real puppy without destructive tendencies. And, it’s not just puppies you’ll find. There are cats, ponies, dinosaurs, among the choices. You even teach it good and bad behavior with a control pad.  Expect to pay $25 and up online retailers. There are robotic toys for all ages.

3. Electronic Locator

Whether we are talking about your keys, the remote for the television or the cell phone, we’ve all lost them and wandered around trying to remember where they are. This, of course, usually occurs when we are in a rush, which leads to massive stress. A electronic locator takes care of this problem for you. The device comes with little magnetic pads you connect to items you lose often. When you’ve misplaced your keys, for instance, you just hit the appropriate button on the locator and the pad on item will make a beeping noise. Find the noise and you’ll find your missing phone, keys and so on.

4. Precious Metals

Give the give of investment into precious metals. You won’t just be giving a unique gift, you’re helping their future. Investing in precious metals has been known to be one the best ways of investing. And, it adds security to your future in doing so. Pass that security along to your loved ones by purchasing precious metals for them.

Bonus Gift Ideas

If you have a friend or family member who enjoys collecting historical memorabilia, get them a flintlock pistol replica, a sword replica, or era-inspired decorations, such as a bust, tapestries, or an artwork. They can add your gift to their extensive collection and show it off to their fellow hobbyists and collectors.

Unique presents are usually personalized. A good example would be a miniature that look like the individual receiving the gift. This may sound fancy, but it is not as difficult or expensive as you initially thought it would be. Bobbleheads are figures with a head having the same size as the body. Historically, people create them to commemorate or have a souvenir of a famous celebrity, sports athlete, movie character and more. Now, you can get a customized bobblehead of a loved one by checking a Bobblehead manufacturer’s site like CheapBobbleheads.com and submit the specifics you’d want to see on the figure.

You wanted unique gift ideas, well you got them. Any of these gifts will get a smile from the person you are giving them to.

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