4 Upgrades You Can Make Around the House to Improve Your Decor

Is there a difference between a home upgrade project and a home improvement project? Well, we have not come across a home improvement guru who has made the distinction, but if we look closer, we can see the difference lies in the scope of the project. A home improvement project typically involves working on improving the aesthetic appeal of a home, such as sculpting the hedges or painting the window trim. On the other hand, a home upgrade project entails a large project that requires both a considerable amount of time and money. Because of the scope of a home upgrade project, the project will deliver a much higher return on your investment. 

Let’s look at four popular home upgrade projects that will substantially increase the value of your home.

Install a Granite Countertop

What is the most popular addition to a contemporary kitchen? The answer is not just a countertop, but a granite countertop. Whether you walk into a modern five-room family home or a contemporary single-room apartment, chances are you will find a granite countertop in the bathroom and/or kitchen. Installing a granite countertop will create a more inviting space in the kitchen, which is the room where you want to dazzle guests.

Let’s review a view other benefits of installing a granite countertop:

Increase in Home Value

Installing a granite countertop will enhance the value of your home by improving the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen or bathroom. Although it is not considered curb appeal because the countertop is out of the view of people that walk by your home, we can call the installation of a granite countertop to improve the interior appeal of your home. Adding a granite countertop will appeal to prospective homeowners, especially homeowners that plan to raise a family.

Rugged Durability

Super durable granite withstands the punishment delivered by frequent use in the kitchen. If you want the visual appeal of a beautiful natural stone and the capability to withstand strong impacts, then a granite countertop makes the most sense. Seal the stone to prevent spills from degrading the interior of the natural stone. Granite is also the best choice for resisting water damage in the bathroom.

Environmental Impact & Cost

With a natural appearance that dazzles, granite does not require the environmentally unfriendly manufacturing task of tumbling and polishing material to produce a glimmering surface. Granite presents a natural sleek appearance, which means the only environmental impact will be during the extraction process. Most granite producers operate on an eco-friendly extraction model.

A granite countertop will be one of the costliest home upgrade projects. A slab of granite used for countertops runs between $40 and $60 per square foot. The average granite countertop cost for a project is between $2,000 and $4,000. However, you can save money by opting for granite tiles, which cost from $5 to $15 per square foot. A countertop estimator will help you budget for a granite countertop installation project.

Green Upgrade

We mentioned sculpting the hedges for a home improvement project. A much more comprehensive home upgrade can be transforming your home into a green space. Start by optimizing the energy efficiency of the home heating and cooling system. Then, add insulation in the attic or change out the current insulation to a more energy-efficient brand of insulation. To get more bang for your heating buck, you can add a fireplace to generate more warmth during the colder months of the year. When spring arrives, head outdoors to create a garden, as well as add potted plants around your home.

Hang Mirrors

You might not think hanging mirrors qualifies as a major home upgrade. However, we are not talking about hanging two or three small mirrors. We are talking about large mirrors that sit on top of dressers, as well as mirrors homeowners hang to be the design focal point of an important room, such as the living room or the dining room. A large mirror spanning more than six feet wide can produce an elegant ambiance for any room, without you having to dig deep into the home upgrade budget, per Diyza. The most important design element for mirrors is deciding on the type of material used to surround the mirror. Naturally treated wooden frames make the most attractive material used to surround mirrors of all sizes.

Add an Outdoor Fountain

Now we are talking about curb appeal. Adding a modern outdoor fountain will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. The improved curb appeal will also boost the value of your home. You can add a fountain that runs into an artificial pond or build a fountain to stand next to your new garden. With a wide variety of outdoor fountain options, you should be able to find one that captures your design vision, as well as blends seamlessly with other outdoor home accessories.

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