4 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Move

4 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Move

Moving is a stressful time. Between the amount of time it takes, organizing everything, and the expense, it’s not always a fun time. 

One concern many have when moving is the number of things they have to buy and then waste once the move is over. Someone who is concerned about the environment and reducing waste may dread a large move. 

However, we do it often! The United States Census estimates that Americans move an average of 11.7 times in their lives. So how can we make our moves more eco-friendly?

1. Order Reusable Packing Containers

No one enjoys spending money on flimsy cardboard only to keep it around their home to use again. Recycling and reusing is a great option, but it creates unnecessary waste. Cardboard also doesn’t protect your belongings, especially for longer moves. 

Combine this with the temptation that cardboard poses to pesky cockroaches, and you may understand the need to search for an alternative. 

Thankfully companies like Polar Box provides an excellent alternative that is eco-friendly and will protect your things during any move. Plastic reusable boxes are simple to order and are even easier to pack than cardboard. 

Turning to sturdy, reusable boxes that are designed for an easier moving experience. They are a great way to spare you some stress and also are better for the environment. 

2. Make Fewer Trips

You may sometimes be tempted to avoid larger vehicles and make more trips in a smaller vehicle. However, when you add up the environmental impact of many small trips, this is doing more harm than good. This is especially true the longer the distance it is to where you are moving. 

Renting or hiring a larger moving vehicle may save you time and energy in the long run. Additionally, this will save you the stress of trying to track what has or hasn’t been moved. When you can get everything out within one or two trips, you don’t have to worry about what has stayed behind and what is gone. 

Save yourself some stress and reduce the environmental impact of many trips. 

3. Pack The Essentials Last

We would all love to pack up in one day and be completely unpacked the next. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. 

The truth is that you may start the packing process days before you move. And get ready to enjoy living out of boxes for a little while! 

Knowing what’s in store, think about what is essential to you. Things such as toiletries, linens, and some basic kitchenware should be kept out. If you can pack some of these things last and be ready to pull them back out again when you get to your new home, this is the best practice. 

This means you can avoid making a run to the store for things you already own. You can also avoid purchasing unnecessary items like replacing basic kitchenware with plastic plates and utensils. Save money, time, grief, and the planet by packing the essentials together and having them ready to go! 

4. Have a Clear-Out 

Take some time before you pack to go through your things. There is nothing worse than going to all the trouble to haul something across town, only to donate it a month later. 

Before you start packing, do a little spring cleaning. You will reduce your belongings and therefore reduce what you need to pack. You may save yourself an entire trip! When you reduce the size of your move, you make it that much more eco-friendly! 


When you move, you don’t want to add one more thing to your to-do list. However, when you follow these 4 simple tips, you will make your move not only eco-friendly but also easier for you!

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