4 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy for Many Years to Come

4 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy for Many Years to Come

Every move you make, your back is part of making it happen. Everything from sitting up to walking comes from having a strong spine. So whether you notice it or not, a healthy back is key to leading a long, happy life. If you’re neglecting your back, you’re sabotaging your overall health.

While the pressure is on to improve and maintain your spinal health, there are thankfully several easy ways to support your spine in your daily life without too much disruption. Discover how you can add years of quality health to your life starting today.

1. Get the Right Furniture for Back Support

Many of us find ourselves sitting for most of our waking hours. But all that time spent sitting could be destroying our back and causing problems for our future health if we’re not selecting chairs carefully.

Whether you find yourself sitting in a chair for hours on end for work or play, you can find the toughest chairs for gaming and home office work that will give you greater support while at a desk and last a long time. The right chair will allow your spine to relax in its natural alignment and reduce stress on the vertebrae.

2. Find the Right Sleeping Position

When we’re not in our chairs working or gaming, we spend most of the other hours sleeping. This time is precious because it’s our bodies’ and backs’ opportunity to rest and recover. Without this recovery time, it won’t be healthy and strong.

This isn’t to say that there’s only one position, and you must learn how to sleep in it. However, with a few adjustments, you can improve your sleeping position to better support your spine by just strategically placing a small pillow:

  • While on your back, place it under your knees.
  • On your side, put it between your knees.
  • On your stomach, put it under your abdomen and pelvis.

This pillow positioning helps maintain the natural curve of your back, allowing you to heal properly.

3. Lift Correctly

You may not even notice how often you lift heavy items, but your back muscles do, and it could be a bigger source of spinal pain than you know.

You probably know the saying “lift with your knees, not with your back,” but do you know just how important it is? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accidents during lifting account for 75% of back-related injuries.

So before you pick up a child or the groceries, bend your knees into a squat rather than bending down with your back like you’re going to touch your toes.

4. Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine

The more you stretch and exercise your body now, the healthier your back will be for the rest of your life. Talk about motivation to set aside twenty minutes for a few crunches and stretches.

The stronger your muscles are, the less stress you’ll put on your spine to support you. Similarly, when you stretch, you release the tension in your spine and prevent strains that would damage your muscles. The stronger your core muscles and more flexible your back, the happier your spine.

Enjoy a Stronger, Healthier Life

You may think your back is fine and doesn’t need any help. “I’ll take care of it when it starts giving me trouble,” you say. But the truth is that your spine can only grow weaker, so the better you care for it now, the better off you’ll be for the rest of your life.

So while shopping for a chair or setting aside time to exercise and stretch every day may be inconvenient, these small but important changes can be all the difference. So try out a few of these and see how much better and stronger your body feels — your spine would thank you if it could.

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