5 Appliances to Upgrade for More Affordable Energy Bills

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5 Appliances to Upgrade for More Affordable Energy Bills

It can be difficult to boost your savings when your energy bill seems to be going up every month. Many people avoid using their largest appliances—like the dishwasher—to save money, but this isn’t always necessary. Investing in some home upgrades can save you a lot more money in the long run without having to avoid your appliances.

Read more below for expert advice on lowering your energy bill.

1. HVAC System

A heating and cooling system is one of the most energy-draining appliances in a home, even if it’s not used that much. Luckily, upgrading your equipment can let you take advantage of the latest energy-efficient technology. For example, a retrofit fan coil can make an old, energy-guzzling unit work just as efficiently as newer models.

Instead of keeping the air and heat off to save money, try talking to a professional about improving your system.

2. Clothes Dryer

Inefficient clothes dryers are a much bigger burden on a monthly budget than people realize—these machines haven’t become much more efficient in the last few decades. Pair this with rerunning a dryer and using high heat settings, and you have a very inefficient way to dry clothes.

Air drying is a free alternative to using a dryer, but this option isn’t available to everyone. In that case, getting a newer model when it’s time for a replacement can greatly lower monthly costs. Newer dryers often come with upgrades like heat sensors and ENERGY STAR approval that make it use as little power as possible.

3. Clothes Washer

If you’re looking at your clothes dryer as a money-draining culprit, you shouldn’t forget your clothes washer either. Not only will a contemporary model use less power, but you’ll also be saving water and using less detergent. Looking out for an ENERGY STAR label—like you’d find on a clothes dryer—will let you know that your select model is really up to par inefficiency.

4. Refrigerator

It can be easy to forget how hard your fridge is working all the time, but the fact is that constantly keeping food cold isn’t an easy job. Lower temperatures are safer for your food and a necessity for your freezer, but the benefits are reflected in your bills. Automatic ice-making and other convenient features are also a chronic power drain.

Like clothes washers and dryers, ENERGY STAR is also a standard of efficiency for refrigerators. Looking for this label when buying a new fridge—or just turning off automatic features you don’t need—can make a difference in your monthly costs.

5. Water Heater

Most homes use a storage tank water heater that constantly runs to maintain a supply of warm water—much like how your refrigerator constantly runs to maintain coolness. Not only is this one of the biggest energy users in your home, the constant use also means that water heaters are susceptible to becoming inefficient from wear and tear. Maintenance can improve energy efficiency and your tank’s life span, but eventually, your tank just won’t work like new.

If you notice that it takes longer to get warm water, it’s time to replace your water heater. Tankless water heaters are an increasingly popular option due to their compact design and energy efficiency.

Boost Your Savings with Much-Needed Upgrades

You can enjoy all the benefits of your appliances without agonizing over your monthly energy bill. By getting contemporary improvements for your biggest energy users—like your A/C and water heater—your bills will become surprisingly more affordable. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional about how you can make your appliances more efficient.

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