5 Awesome Concrete Patio Ideas

 concrete patio ideas

Patios are ever-popular, outdoor places, perfect for parties, or casual BBQs and evenings. There are many options to choose from when building a patio, out of all the choices, perhaps the most versatile and cost-efficient is concrete. We have 5 great concrete patio ideas for you.

Concrete is low maintenance, easy to clean, and can be modified for a variety of different purposes. Stamps and dyes allow DIY homeowners to create a unique space styled to their preferences. Concrete is also durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective, making it a great long-term investment.

A concrete patio can be a solid foundation for a backyard oasis with the right concrete contractor. Colors, textures, space, and greenery can all be added to add ambiance and a creative, individualized twist.

Green Between

Concrete patios are typically thought of to be one large concrete pad, but that doesn’t have to be the case, breaking it up a little bit, can create a visually aesthetic and still functional patio. Using more than one pad can allow for grass, flowers, and greenery to grow between pads. Consider making four to six mid-sized pads lined up with several inches between each on all ends.

Positioning the pads this way is an easy way to incorporate greenery and make the patio feel like a natural part of the space. This method still allows a sturdy enough foundation of concrete to accommodate patio furniture, a grill, or a fire pit without sacrificing the benefits of greenery and flowers.

Depending on the climate, greenery may not match the environment. In such cases, the use of stones, pebbles, and succulents between the concrete pads may be a better option. Either way, leaving space between areas of concrete, creates a space that incorporates natural elements in a seamless way.

Pave The Way

Concrete pavers are a popular choice to build a unique patio among concrete patio ideas. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures while maintaining the durability, and easy maintenance of concrete patios. Concrete pavers can be spaced out with fillers such as pebbles or low-growing grass to create a more cohesive space.  For a low-maintenance patio, pavers can also be butted against each other.

Because pavers come in so many shapes and sizes, a patio of nearly any size and dimensions can be built. This is perfect for smaller spaces and yards that include an incline. Pavers can double as steps or be used to create a path to and from the patio or other places in the yard. A concrete professional like concrete professional fort collins also make it possible to expand the patio later on with the addition of more pavers.

Concrete pavers also make it possible to expand the patio later on with the addition of more pavers.

Fire and Water

Some concrete patio ideas can be the focal point of a yard, complete with patio furniture or a swing, it can be a stand-alone place to spend time outdoors with friends and family members. However, it can also be expanded to incorporate other elements of the yard.

Concrete is essential around swimming pools. Durable enough to withstand the water and elements, but still versatile enough to add aesthetics.

A little planning and a concrete patio can become poolside, creating a versatile space for social gatherings in and out of the pool. A fire pit is another popular focal point of outdoor space. A concrete patio is a safe and aesthetic choice for a fire pit feature.

Pavers can be used to stack around the fire pit, adding an extra layer of safety, or just as the flooring around the feature.

great concrete patio ideas for a large area

Finish and Trim

One of the fun things about concrete patio ideas is that they offer a lot of opportunities for creativity and individualism. A common way to do this is to alter the finish or the trim of the patio. There are several different finishes available. The finish can change the color, tone, and texture of the patio.

Painting and staining are both common finishing options. They come in a variety of colors to match any color scheme. One advantage of this is that it can be added later on to plain grey concrete for an easy update. Staining or painting the patio is a cost-effective way to freshen up the patio.

There are also many different trim options for a concrete patio. This is another way to add a splash of color and creativity to the patio. Popular choices for trim include brick, stone, smaller pavers, and greenery. Choosing more than one option can create an interesting space.

The use of succulents or other low maintenance plants is a common choice for the perimeter of a patio. This adds a little bit of color and includes the natural environment in a low maintenance way.

Add An Awning

A concrete patio is a lovely place to enjoy nature at home, weather permitting. The addition of an awning can extend the use of the patio during bright sun or light rain. A common way to this is to extend the patio directly outside of the home, with the roof extending as well.

Another option is to purchase or build a shady space above the patio. This can be done either by purchasing a ready built structure or building something a little more unique that compliments the colors and materials of the patio.

The addition shade and coverage from wind and rain can make a patio something to be enjoyed year-round.

Perfect Patio Solutions

Patios have remained a popular choice among homeowners, giving a casual and functional place to enjoy nature from home. Though there are many materials to choose from, concrete remains a classic and sustainable choice, offering a variety of ways to individualize while also being durable and low-maintenance.

These concreate patio ideas allow homeowners to individualize the space to match the environment, color scheme, and functionality of the homeowner. The additions of stains, paint, trims, and greenery can add further creativity to create a truly unique space. Whether the patio itself is the focal point of the yard or plays back up to a fire pit or swimming pool, a concrete patio is a great choice to meet a variety of needs.

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