5 Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

Windows are a great source of light for your home. They help you see the outside world, keep your home ventilated, and help your room glow with natural light. Many people aren’t aware of it but, your house’s windows should be replaced every 15–20 years. Many people aren’t sure where to even begin when replacing their windows with Modern Windows Stockport.

To be sure your windows are replaced with utmost efficiency and safety—and to be sure you won’t suffer from drafts or leaks—you should rely on the professionals. You should look for Alexandria window replacement services, or your own local window repair services, to come and replace your windows for you.

Once you find someone to service and replace your windows, you will have to decide what type of window you would like, below we have made a list of some of the most popular types of windows.

Single Hung Windows

These windows are also known as sash windows. Single hung are installed directly in a wall. Single hung windows are more energy efficient than double hung because they have fewer moving parts, meaning it is less likely for air to escape once the window gets older. Installation is usually cheaper for a single hung window than a double hung, and it also requires less work to make sure that airtightness is maintained. Single hung also have the added advantage of being more resistant to wind, which makes them a great choice for many people. Single hung are good for small rooms since they can be hung on a small balcony and they open up and down instead of in or out.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are popular in areas that experience a lot of rain. These windows open outward from the bottom part of the window while the top stays in place. The way these windows open allow for your house to have ventilation at all times—since the window is opened at an angle, the rain won’t come into your house or get any of your belongings wet and instead just slide off of the window. These windows are usually some of the most airtight windows you can buy, meaning they are better than most other windows when it comes to energy efficiency and insulation.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made of several different window panels that are put together to create one window. These windows are great because they give you extra space. Since the windows create a bay, you usually install these windows going outwards from your walls so they give you an extra space to set up however you would like—this space can double as a reading area, storage area, and even a hangout for your kids. Bay windows are usually made up of at least three windows, this means there is more light being let into your home and give any room in your home a beautiful natural glow. These windows are also a great option for ventilation.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are increasingly popular in recent years. These windows are great for letting natural light into any room and they also offer a clear view of the night sky if you would like to admire the stars from the privacy of your own home. Skylight windows can make your home look better and add to its resale value—just make sure you buy a skylight window that is leak proof. These windows are also great at energy efficiency so they can keep a cold room warm during winter. During summer, you can open your skylight windows to add some much-needed fresh air to keep the room nice and cool.

Storm Windows

If you live in an area with a lot of storms or wind problems, then you might want to look into getting some storm windows. These windows are made of durable glass, plastic sheets, or rigid plastic panels. The purpose of these windows is just what their name states—they’re meant to protect your home from storms. These windows are usually installed outside of the windows that are currently installed in your home giving you an added layer of protection. Since you have double glass on your windows, the windows also help with insulation since the pocket of air that is between the two glasses can help regulate the effect that outside temperatures have in your home.


Replacing your windows doesn’t have to be hard, the first thing you need to do is figure out what type of windows work best for your home. This may vary based on your location and the purpose that you want your windows to serve. If you live in Canada, visit Euroseal Windows. Always contact a professional if you have any questions and make sure you do your research on the different types of windows before you make a final purchase and have them installed.

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