5 Best Tips for Maintaining the Perfect Lawn

If you own or rent a house, you know the interior is only a part of having a nice looking house. The exterior is one of the most important elements when considering curb appeal– and the biggest portion of the exterior is the lawn.

We know we need to water plants and give them sunlight, but what are the best ways to maintain the lawn? Here are 5 tips to get you started on a beautiful home exterior.

1. Picking the Best Pesticide

There are many harmful bugs that can breed on your lawn. Many of them, like ants, bees, or flies, can even make their way inside your home! It’s best to deal with these pests as soon as you notice them.

The most cost effective way is to get rid of pests yourself. You can find the most effective ant killer products online for indoor and outdoor use. Identifying ant hills in your yard can help you notice other kinds of bugs and eliminate them yourself effectively.

2. Use Natural Fertilizers

Natural fertilizers are infinitely better for your lawn and the environment than synthetic fertilizers. Natural fertilizers work to promote soil health, and there will be no buildup of toxic chemicals or salt that can kill your plants. You can also make your own natural fertilizer with a compost bin.

For constant lawn upkeep, you should fertilize your lawn about three or four times per growing season. You can spread it by hand using gloves, or purchase a fertilizer spreader. Research the most effective fertilizing method for your climate before you begin your routine.

3. Adjust Your Mower Height

You should always adjust your mower height according to the growing season. Cut your grass higher in the summer to shade the ground from the sun. This will prevent weeds from growing and water from evaporating from the soil.

Before winter starts, cut the grass shorter. This will help prevent snow mold from growing on your lawn.

4. Always Mow a Dry Lawn

Though you can mow your lawn while it’s wet, mowing works best when it’s dry. That way, wet grass won’t clog your mower. It will also stop grass clumps from creating an even cut on your lawn. Wet grass clumps have the potential to kill the grass in your lawn if you don’t remove them.

If you have no choice but to mow your wet lawn, spray underneath your mower with oil or silicone spray. This will keep grass from clinging to the metal. Make sure to keep blades sharp as well, to keep the grass from pulling out of the soil completely.

5. “Grasscycling!”

“Grasscycling” is when you allow the lawn clippings from the mower to sit on your lawn. This means no more wasting time bagging the clippings from the lawn. This acts as an all-natural fertilizer treatment.

When you don’t remove your clippings, they decompose fast and return nutrients to the soil in your yard. They also easily retain moisture. You won’t have to spend as much money on fertilizer, either.

In Conclusion

Though you may have to take extra care of your lawn, working for a perfectly manicured lawn is well worth it. Maintaining your mower and keeping your soil healthy are the two biggest things to consider when you maintain your yard.

Many people in today’s society are growing more and more environmentally conscious. Part of this mindset means returning to natural ways of expending energy and everyday tasks like maintaining the lawn. When you invest in more natural ways to grow your plants, and let nature take its own actions, you are doing your part to save the planet.

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