5 Best Tips for Solo Travelers to Nepal

5 Best Tips for Solo Travelers to Nepal

Nepal is a popular solo travel destination because of its welcoming culture, profound spiritual beliefs, and pleasant mountains. Nepal is, without any doubt, safer than most countries around the world, owing to the spiritual nature and natural kindness of Nepalese.

However, Solo travel in Nepal can be highly exhilarating and rewarding at the same time. Therefore, trekkers must take precautions to ensure their safety to get the most out of their solo travels. It is always dangerous to travel alone in any part of the world, and prioritizing safety is essential! Furthermore, traveling solo to Nepal could be the journey of a lifetime if you have a few resources, a lot of curiosity, and an open mind.

Look at our 5 best tips for solo travelers to Nepal for an outstanding and unforgettable trip:

Make proper plans beforehand.

People easily get lost when they do not have a proper plan. Confusion and possibility will easily imbalance you on which ground to stay on. And you will have a similar problem if you visit Nepal- in fact, any country with no proper plans. Moreover, in the case of Nepal, there are vast possibilities for travelers to explore from. Thus, it is our first tip for solo travelers to Nepal to pre-plan their schedule before heading to Nepal. Additionally, when people pre-plan, research is required, and study exposes you to many information.

Likewise, decide how you would like to spend your time in Nepal and what attracted you the most about the country. Plus, you will have a smooth and splendid vacation in Nepal when you are sure about these things.

Only book your travel activities with a reliable travel company.

If you have a specific travel itinerary, then seek expert consultation. Because it does not matter if you are a solo traveler or traveling in a group- getting experts to handle your vacation is very important. There are thousands of travel Management companies in Nepal, and finding the best among them can be pretty tricky. It is advised to choose the company based on their specialty and your travel preference. For instance, if you are interested in exploring Nepal’s mountains, trekking is the best activity. Therefore, it would be wise to traverse with a company that is recognized in the trekking industry. Henceforth, it is wise to know about the company before taking their services. Many travel management companies are experts in their line of work and learn how to handle a journey.

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance.

Travel insurance is not a compulsion, but having one would be worthwhile. However, if you are interested in doing trekking activities such as the Everest Base Camp trek, it is compulsory to have travel insurance. Without travel insurance, trekking organizers won’t conduct your journey. Moreover, it is best to purchase travel insurance for a smooth trip. It does not cost a lot but will save you from losing your money in case of mishaps.

Furthermore, if your intention of traveling to Nepal is solely trekking, you need to obtain travel insurance based on your journey’s maximum altitude. To give you an example, if your insurance covers the height 4000-5000 meters, it won’t be eligible for high altitude treks like Everest Base Camp trek, Everest three passes trek, and more. Thus, have thorough information about your journey before purchasing travel insurance. Also, make sure your insurance covers emergency helicopter evacuation, medical expenses in case of accidents or illness, and any other additional costs.

It is best to carry local currency.

Dollars and Indian rupees are widely accepted in Nepal; however, we recommend that you exchange your foreign currency for Nepalese rupees. It is preferable to pay all expenses in Nepalese cash rather than foreign currency. It will save you time as well as a small amount of money. Besides that, people are hesitant to accept foreign currency. Hence, for your convenience, it is best to carry Nepalese currency. Also, before leaving Nepal, make sure to exchange any remaining Nepalese money for your local currency. Because taking Nepalese currency outside of Nepal is considered illegal.

Be mindful about what you drink and eat, and stay in good locations.

Another vital element of journeying alone in Nepal is to stay in safe areas and eating healthy food. Nepal has the best hotels and restaurants – not just for the luxury traveler but also for the budget traveler. Therefore, at an affordable price, you can high hotels and restaurants with excellent services. It is essential to stay healthy- especially when traveling solo- because you are totally under your own care. So what you eat, drink and where you stay.

Regardless of whether you choose to spend few weeks relaxing around profound and tumultuous Kathmandu or head towards the Himalayas to enjoy the solitude of mountains, you are bound to have an incredible journey. There are various activities to partake in Nepal. We advise adding short activities like mountain flights or sightseeing tours at the beginning of the journey to get comfortable with the surrounding. This way, you can get comfortable before setting out on your own experience. Nepal is an exciting travel experience regardless of how you plan it. But don’t forget to apply these tips for a more pleasurable experience.

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