5 Best Types of Cheap Eyelash Extensions

5 Best Types of Cheap Eyelash Extensions

“Eye is the jewel of the body,” said Thoreau, and perfect, thick, classy eyelashes can make the beauty of your eyes stand out prominently. Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your lashes’ natural beauty easily and add that dramatic or playful look to your eyes.

Eyelashes play an essential role in making a face look attractive, no matter how professional your eye makeup looks. diy eyelash extensions are lifesavers for people with thin or bald eyelashes, as no amount of thick eye makeup can create the required look for them.

If you are looking for perfect eyelash extensions that don’t hurt the eyes or harm the natural eyelashes, there are plenty of famous brands like Mac, Huda Beauty, and Ardell selling them. Lilac St’s cheap eyelash extensions won’t put a hole in your pocket and will save several hours of your busy schedule with their easy application process.

People often try different things from powerful mascaras, eyelash growth serums, and curlers that lift the existing lashes before opting for permanent or semi-permanent extensions. But the alternative options do not give the dramatic effect the fake extensions create and should be used daily. Here are the five best eyelash extension types that will fit any look, event, and eye. Visit ilashas.com to learn more about gentle treatments to enhance your lashes.

1. Silk eyelash extensions

Slightly heavy and giving a full volume or mega volume look, silk extensions are a cheap alternative for natural animal fur eyelash extensions. They are used mainly during special occasions like a wedding where you want your eyes to look extremely dramatic and attention-grabbing.

They are perfect for making small eyes look much bigger and are a practical boon for people having short natural eyelashes. They don’t cause many allergies and can be dyed in various colors matching the eyelid color.

2. Faux eyelash extensions

Faux lashes are quite budget-friendly as they do not use any natural animal fur. They are entirely artificial, cruelty-free, and incredibly light to wear. They can easily mimic the look and feel of real fox and mink fur lashes but do not last as long as them.

Faux lashes are best suitable for creating hybrid or classic eye makeup and can be used for large and medium-sized eyes. People with hooded eyelids often prefer them because they need several layers of extensions to make their eyelids look attractive while hiding the hood. Faux lashes fit within their budget and are weightless to create several layers.

3. Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic lashes or extensions are mass-produced and applied using glue or magnet in no time. They are often heavy and stand upright for a long time, making it the first preference for models and actors. They are incredibly cheap and often sought for one day or temporary usage during a significant event.

Synthetic lashes should be chosen carefully as the glue and other substances used in them might cause allergies to sensitive eyes or skin. Synthetic lashes eliminate the need to wear mascara or other thick eye makeup for weeks and are waterproof. They are available in different colors to match the dress or hair color.

4. Mink and Fox extensions

The fur or both Mink and Fox get used for making natural lash extensions in various colors, thicknesses, and sizes. They need to be shaped with a heated curler often and maintained adequately by using just a foam cleaner instead of an oil-based cleaning applicator. Man-made extensions that mimic most of their properties and do not require any curling are available for a low cost. Natural animal fur extensions like mink or fox can cost around $300 for the first sitting, and each refill done monthly or in a fortnight might cost approximately $50.

5. Sable fur lashes

Sable is a small animal found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, and its fur is collected to make extremely soft and long-lasting lash extensions. Since their fur is exceptionally lightweight, the lashes can be layered atop one another from 2D to 6D to create a very natural thick lash look. The natural lashes won’t break under the weight of the application of these feather-soft lashes.

It takes an expert Esthetician or lashes extension expert to apply them correctly on the eyelashes carefully. It lasts for several months and will need a timely refill from two to four weeks max. It creates an aesthetic look to the eyes and is devoid of any allergy or infection though it is slightly costly.

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