5 Budget-Friendly Roofing Styles

5 Budget-Friendly Roofing Styles

Until you actually stop and take a minute to think about your roof when you are beginning a remodel, have a leak, or are searching for inspirations on a new build, it never really occurs to you what an integral part of a home’s architecture it is.

After all, a “roof over our head” means having a home to call our own. Why not pick a roofing style that matches your vision of a home perfectly? Plus there is the added bonus that a polished and well-done roof can add value to your property.

When deciding on a roofing style for your home, there are several things to keep in mind. Obviously, the cost is pretty high on the list. However, it’s also important to make sure that those super saver options are of the best quality and you have a good roofing contractor.

As you are browsing design types, try to be aware of a couple of key factors relating to your particular home and needs. Is your preferred selection going to be made of a material that is up to local fire codes, or are there any long term maintenance requirements that actually won’t be so cost-effective down the line? What is the typical lifespan of the materials that will be used?

These are all valid things to think about before diving into a new roof construction head first. Thankfully, there are quite a variety of looks to choose from that should meet all of these criteria and leave a gorgeous lasting impression at the same time.

1. Classic A-Frame

Though it may be a simple design, it is indeed a classic for a reason. The A shape is very functional for all climates, hence it’s popularity. With such a steep slope it prevents the accumulation of rain or snow, and alternatively is great for warm weather due to the high ceilings, leaving the lower living space cooler.

Additionally, it lends a very open and spacious feel inside, giving you vaulted ceilings with those visible support beams to add a fun quality and a little bit of that wood cabin feel.

The materials available for this roofing choice are all reasonable selections since you can use pretty much anything. From the common asphalt shingle that is durable and inexpensive to metal that is long-lasting and lightweight. They can each be easily made to fit your A-frame design.

2. Dormer

This particular style really utilizes the interior space well, by giving more standing room in lofted areas and incorporating more windows within the roof to lend an open appearance to the interior. This feature adds charm and character to the architecture of your home.

The Dormer option gives you a long list of materials to choose from that are affordable and easily maintained. A good place to start would be looking into a synthetic roofing material as an alternative to asphalt shingles. It is budget-friendly and is great for steep-slope styles such as the Dormer.

3. Hip and Valley

A fantastic option when working with multi-section and multi-tiered structures, the Hip and Valley-style brings an idyllic Mediterranean feel to a home. For this selection, it is best paired with clay or concrete tiles.

The good news is that to get this dreamy look it’s not going to break the bank. Tiles of various materials are readily available and are very durable; some clay tiles last upwards of 100 years!

4. Flat

Sure, if you think about it, a lot of roofs are built like this, but no one ever really thinks of roofs being flat as a conscious design choice. But it certainly is! This layout is wonderful in its simplicity. The construction is straight forward and the material required is very economical.

Going with this lovely choice will also add to the square footage of usable space, as the roof can be easily made into a deck. Just make sure to account for proper irrigation if going with this style. All roofs of this design should have a 10-degree slope to deal with runoff.

5. Shed

This style is way cooler than it sounds. The shed is architecturally fun and artistic; and a top choice for a trendy look. Often, these types of roofs aren’t attached to any other structure making for a unique appearance.

Working with a shed or slanted roof on your home leaves walls of differing height throughout the inside. This gives it a chic look and offers endless creative options for modern interior decor.

With a single slope and not much else to it, this design gives you the freedom to choose any material. If you’re going for a real sleek look, that can be achieved with a metal roof. If you want to go super modern, try slate. Either is a reasonable decision that fits in the budget.

6. Gambrel

If you love the look of a rustic farmhouse, this one is for you. The cozy feel is undeniable and it’s unique form allows you to work with more headroom in the upper level of the home compared to roof styles that have more of a dramatic slope.

This charming choice is also very versatile, allowing for the addition of some dormer style windows to bring even more for a quaint impression.

To keep with the farm style, using wooden shingles is an appropriate choice. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly since they are made from a renewable resource. But make sure that you confirm they are acceptable for local fire codes in your area.

Pick What’s Best for You

When embarking on such a large home development project, do yourself a big favor first thing and make sure to do some research regarding what is best for your specific home’s structure and the environmental requirements.

After all, whether you are starting a new construction from the ground up or re-roofing your existing home, it is an investment in your future and in the value of your home.

Picking the style that is best for you and your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are numerous materials that create attractive, functional, and long-lasting roofs that are well within your price range.

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