5 Core Areas of Exterior Building Maintenance

5 Core Areas of Exterior Building Maintenance

The ideal commercial property is safe, functional, and inviting. The safety of employees and customers should always be your first priority. Second, a functional property allows those people seamless access to the spaces they need, and a welcoming atmosphere helps to attract and retain customers. However, reality inevitably takes its toll as things deteriorate from age or unforeseen events. The best way to keep your premises thriving properly is to understand the core areas of exterior building maintenance.


Is your property covered in wilted or damaged plants, overgrown grass, trashed pathways, or storm debris? In the world of business, what we see on the outside is a direct indicator of what we can expect on the inside. In this way, the first thing your customers see when they visit your property will create a lasting impression. Generally, that first thing will be your landscaping. Professional landscaping services can include tree pruning, debris removal, lawn care, and irrigation and water runoff management – all of which contribute to creating a clean and attractive image of your exterior.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Can you conduct business without enabling customers, suppliers, and distributors access to your building? Maybe you’re creative enough to find a way, but it’s better not to have to in the first place. Regular upkeep of your parking lot allows your visitors safe and unimpeded access to your business. The most obvious forms of parking lot maintenance are filling potholes, crack repair, and sealcoating. On the other hand, it may also involve traffic planning, re-painting delineations, adding lighting, or even building new parking areas or garages.

Winter Weather Management

Does your business close for severe snowstorms? With a winter weather contingency plan, you won’t have to leave any customers out of luck in their time of need. Instead, in your time of need, a snow management service will come to your property immediately to clear away snow and spread deicing agents. Not only does this keep your doors open, but it also ensures the safety of the drivers and pedestrians willing to brave the weather.

Maintenance of Building Walls

Over time, the exterior walls of your building will deteriorate, too. The plaster may have become cracked or loose. The mortar, brick or stone may also have cracks or areas of erosion. There could be mold or mildew growing in the shadier spots. The paint may be old, worn, or peeling, and the doors and windows may be drafty. Vandalism such as graffiti is another significant turn-off to prospective customers.

Take a stroll around your building and see how many of these issues you notice. Proper care for your building walls may look like pressure washing, window washing, crack sealing, re-painting, or caulking windows and doors.

Roofing Repairs

Most likely, no one will see very much of your rooftop. However, roofing care is just as crucial to your exterior commercial property maintenance. Your roof is the barrier between the outside elements, like rainwater, snow, storm debris, and animals, and your assets. Otherwise, an improperly functioning roof may cause water leakage that damages your products and materials. The water can then invite mold and pests, which creates a health concern for your employees and customers.

When you conduct regular roofing inspections, you can prevent these things from occurring in the first place. Check for punctures or cracks in the roofing membrane, ponded water, sagging areas, clogged drains or gutters, and damaged flashing. Once you find any damage, make sure you have repairs already on the way.

In Conclusion

The outside of your commercial building is just as important as what’s inside. Well-groomed landscaping and an attractive building facade create positive first impressions for customers. Weather management efforts allow clients year-round access to your premises. Parking lot and roofing maintenance ensure the safety of all who step foot on your grounds. With safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal as your top maintenance priorities, your commercial property won’t just fade into the background but will contribute significantly to the success of your business.

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