5 Creative Ways to Soundproof a House

Soundproofing your house will help to prevent too much noise, especially for people living in urban areas. Some people get creative and even use egg cartons for soundproofing their homes. There are many creative soundproofing methods. Through research, and by networking with friends, or on social media you can get more ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Soundproof a House

Here are 5 creative ways to soundproof a house

  1.   Rearranging deco and household items

For walls along the street, or those you share with neighbors, you can arrange the bookshelves, the wardrobe, and other décor items. You may also try to decorate the walls with tapestries or canvas wall hangings because they are soundproof. Some wallpapers are also soundproof. A small research online at Amazon and other such sites can help you identify such décor wallpapers that are also effective in soundproofing. Read more about this when visiting soundproofpros.com/soundproof-house-party for more ideas.

  1.   Stack egg trays on the walls

For a cost-effective soundproofing idea, opt for egg trays. They may not effectively reduce noise from outside, but can easily reduce echoes. For kids’ bedrooms or living rooms, you may use them on the walls as they can soundproof noise coming from these rooms. Most people use egg trays to reinforce existing soundproofing methods. If you notice too much echo in your home, the egg trays can help reduce the echo. A creative way to use the egg trays is to incorporate them when constructing walls.

  1.   Soundproof curtains

If you can afford soundproof blankets, they are more effective. But soundproof curtains are also effective and more affordable. Alternatively, people opt for thicker curtains that are good at absorbing sound and echo reduction. It is also important to monitor the windows and ensure there are no open spaces between the window and the walls.

  1.   Cheap soundproof foam

Though it may not prevent the sound, the foam helps to absorb noise. It is an effective, and cheap method of noise-proofing your home. Remember one soundproofing method may not work to completely reduce the noise. But using at least two or more methods can help. You may also use foam tiles all over the walls and floors. If you also put heavy curtains and incorporate eggshells when putting up the wall, you will notice a noise reduction in your home. You can also make soundproofing panels at home. With wooden frames and soundproofing fabric, you may make panels of different designs as per your preferences.

  1.   Carpeting

Though most people use carpets in the house to keep warm and for decoration purposes, you may also use it as a noise reduction strategy. If you have wooden or hard flooring, any impact on the floor will cause noise. When selecting a carpet, opt for a thick carpet, and you may underlay it with acoustic material to make echo reduction, and absorption of noise even more effective. You may hang some carpets on the walls or even on the ceiling for decor and noise reduction.

Using any of the above methods, or combining at least two or more methods will help you to achieve your soundproofing goal.

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