5 Different Variations Of The Cat-Faced Emoji That You Can Use On Any Situation

There are numerous variations to the cat face emoji. It may be a pretty hard task to distinguish the best scenario and situation to use it. Nonetheless, using these emoji still pretty much delivers a very clear message that is your love for cats. In this article, we will talk about different cat emojis and when to use them. 

5 Different Variations Of The Cat-Faced Emoji That You Can Use On Any Situation

Use these cat-faced emojis whenever you feel like it. The beauty of these cat-faced emojis is that it does not only describe a feeling towards a circumstance. You can easily use these cat-faced emojis to express yourself, your personality, and even your mood! This list of different cat-faced emojis should describe everything you need to know about each one.

Say meow with a unique emoji graphic that represents a particular emotion. You can never go wrong with expressing yourself through a bunch, or a combination of cat-oriented face emojis. Use these emojis on your next text, chat, or even social media post!

Cat Face Emoji

The cat face emoji should serve as the baseline for all the cat-faced emojis that we are going to name today. This cat emoji displays a plain, cartoon-styled face of a cat. You could call it more personalized as it is looking straight ahead. As usual, the cat emoji represents the cute and cuddly things we love about cats, such as the pointed ears and whiskers.

You might wonder what the difference in using the cat face emoji over the full-bodied cat emoji is. It should feel more affectionate for starters since it gives off the impression that the cat is looking straight ahead. The applications of these two cat emojis generally overlap. So, you should not have any problems in distinguishing the perfect time to use them.

You will find that the Cat Face Emoji varies on several platforms. The cat face from Google was previously orange while the Samsung one being gray. Facebook also once had a gray cat face. Finally, the earliest Japanese emoji sets from Softbank, Docomo, and others included the cat face emoji.

Cat Face With Tears Of Joy

The cat face that cries tears of joy emoji is the cat version of the laughing out loud emoji. It pretty much has the same application and meaning. Only this time, the laughing out loud action takes on the form of the cat. Again for cat lovers, this should be the perfect emoji to express any feelings of intense happiness.

This cat-faced emoji takes on the design of a cartoon cat variation of the face with tears of joy. It should not be difficult to miss as it looks virtually the same as the latter. You will also find that significant platforms depict this cartoon cat-faced emoji as yellow. It is also known as the happy tears cat or even as simple as the laughing cat.

Use it whenever a friend busts out a joke that makes you hysterical. You can also use this cat-faced emoji on group chats or even social media platforms to make your love for cats as clear as day.

Cat Face With Heart-Eyes

The cat face with heart eyes is the cartoon cat version of the smiling face with heart eyes. Again, this emoji takes on the cat version of what the latter is trying to express. This emoji should be perfect for cat lovers who want to show any feelings of love, passion, or romance through emojis. It is also commonly known as Heart-eyes cat and the Loving Cat.

This cat emoji should also be perfect whenever you want to add a bit more flair and variation to the face with heart eyes emoji. By statistics, the face with heart eyes emoji is one of the most-used emojis. You can mix and shake things up by using a cartoon cat variation of the same emoji. Use it in your next romantic digital conversation!

The Cat face with heart eyes emoji also displays a distinct smile. So, the other end should feel bubbly and more appreciated through this emoji. The smile and the heart eyes of the cat should give off all the cute vibes together with its pointed ears and whiskers.

Crying Cat Face Emoji

Our cat face emoji list would not be well-rounded if we did not include the feelings of sadness. The crying cat face is the perfect emoji to show any feelings of pain, remorse, and more. The Crying cat face goes by the design of a basic cartoon cat shedding a single tear on the side. It is virtually the cartoon cat version of the Crying Face emoji.

This cat-faced emoji also goes by the name “Crying cat” and “Sad cat.” This emoji should be perfect in showing any sad feelings while staying true to your love for cats. You might even attract more pity and consolation by using a cute cat emoji with tears on the side.

Cat emojis for cat lovers 

We feel that these cat-faced emojis are the most relevant among the shortlist of cat-faced emojis. Anyone can use these cat-faced emojis to accurately express any emotion or feeling towards another person or platform. Another neat aspect of cat-faced emojis is that it comes in a cartoon-cat graphic. So, anyone would be able to convey emotion while showing off their love and affection for cats.

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