5 Do’s and Don’ts in Cleaning Your Home’s Roof

5 Do’s and Don’ts in Cleaning Your Home’s Roof

Have you ever noticed discolored, dark patches on the shady parts of your roof? On the first look, some homeowners might think that the mold has grown on the surface of their roof’s shingles. Yet, in reality, the dark spots or stripes on your roof are algae that grew there. Contrarily, if you see green areas scattered on your roof, you are dealing with moss.

Moss can be very problematic for asphalt shingles, which soon blow away and curl up when crushed by too much annoying green stuff. And when your roof’s shingles are not working perfectly, it is only a matter of time before you are confronting leaks. While algae do not wreck your roof, it affects the curb appeal of your home. What is the best way to face these problems, you ask? The simple answer is to clean your roof, but even cleaning can have a set of problems, too. Thus, how do you know what you must and must not do when cleaning your roof? Rugged Roofing and Restoration, your roofing company in Richland, TX, has gathered some do’s and don’ts when cleaning your roof; keep reading to find out and learn.

Don’t: Utilize a high-powered pressure washer when cleaning your roof. It is perhaps best to avoid pressure washers collectively. But why? Pressure washers have a terrible reputation for harming roofs and removing shingles. If your roof gets damaged, you are about to have costly repairs that you could have prevented in the first place.

Do: Use your garden hose and a sprayer attachment. For best outcomes, you can mix laundry-strength bleach and water to have a DIY cleaning material. Spray the cleaning agent on asphalt shingles and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes. Ensure to rinse the shingles with clean water; so the solution does not stay for too long. This cleaning method is more cost-efficient and safer than the pressure washer option.

Don’t: Overlook safety measures and precautions!

Do: Clean your roof after you ensure that you can walk on its surface safely. Always wear proper shoes or shoes with slip-restraint soles and wear eye protection. If your roof has multiple stories or a severe slope, you may want to consider hiring a professional roofer. Spending extra money upfront to get a professional could help you save a trip to the hospital if sudden accidents occur and save you thousands of dollars in medical bills.

 Don’t: Clean your roof on a scorching, sunny day in the summer. The bleaching agent you created will evaporate too fast and will not have as much power.

Do: Try to clean your roof on a cloudy or overcast day. Before doing the cleaning, double-check the weather if there is no chance of precipitation or high winds. In this way, your cleaning agent will not evaporate as fast, and you can get it done rapidly and hassle-free.

Don’t: Be impatient. The cleaning agent you will use will need some time to act. Do not expect it will remove your algae or moss right away, and do not apply the cleaning solution again if it does not work quickly.

Do: Be patient. Even if the algae on your roof does not wash away immediately after you rinse the cleaning solution off, it washes away after a rain or two. For algae, wait until growths are slackened by the cleaning solution and utilize a leaf blower to remove it.

Don’t: Wait a very long time before cleaning your roof. Waiting for months or years between cleanings and maintenance will make the job even more difficult.

Do: Conduct preventative maintenance like cleaning debris off your roof, cleaning your gutters, cleaning the shingles, etc. It will help make your roof dry and free from annoying branches and limbs that might prevent the cleaning process. The best way to do this is to be proactive rather than reactive. If you keep your roof in good condition all year, your algae and moss growth will not be as challenging as you expect. With safety measures and precautions, cleaning agents, and regular maintenance, cleaning your roof will be simple, and you will spend less time. Waiting for months or years can lead to roof damage or roof replacement. We want to avoid that.

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