5 Easy Upgrades for Your Kitchen

5 Easy Upgrades for Your Kitchen

When appliances last for so many years, it’s easy to settle for what you’ve always had in your kitchen. But there are several ways you can easily make your kitchen a cozier, lovelier, and more practical space for you and your family.

If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to bring something fresh to your kitchen, here are some upgrades you’ll love.

1. Column Radiators

With all the steel appliances and tile floor, do you find your kitchen freezing until you turn on the oven? Upgrade to column radiators. Column radiators are far more efficient than most radiators you’ll find on the market. Because there is more space between each column and a larger surface area, they emit more heat and quickly move heat through the room.

Column radiators come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can shop for your favorite and find what will perfectly fit your current aesthetic or inspire a new look.

2. Retro Refrigerators

If you’re tired of the same modern fridge everyone has these days, a retro fridge will make a statement. Many people are obsessing over the mid-century designs of these fridges, so they wouldn’t look out of place in your modern kitchen. They may just put you ahead of the trend.

Once you’ve gotten your retro fridge, you can start matching other appliances that sit out on your counter space to help create cohesion. Smaller appliances like toasters and tea kettles are a great place to start.

3. Black Matte Appliances

If you’re not into the mid-century designs that are popular right now, perhaps black matte appliances are more your style. This new trend is quickly gaining popularity as people realize how well these appliances fit every aesthetic. There are a variety of appliances that come in this color, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and even ovens.

Perhaps the best part is you don’t need to make a full investment upfront to start enjoying these new appliances. The black matte will look great without standing out like a sore thumb. So if you want to start with one or two appliances and upgrade more over time, your kitchen won’t look mismatched.

4. Countertop Oven

Don’t let your oven stand in the way of enjoying cooking. Perhaps you dread cooking because you don’t want to wait for the oven to heat up, deal with the large dirty dishes it creates, or you just don’t feel like you have all the appliances you need. A countertop oven can bring you back into the kitchen.

A countertop oven is easy to store on your counter or in a cabinet. They’re also perfect for singles or couples who don’t need a big meal or provide a second oven for larger meals. They usually include many functions, like air frying, broiling, and steaming meaning you can potentially downsize on other appliances.

5. Wine Fridge

There are many ways you can properly store wine at home, but a wine fridge is by far the classiest. They are great for having guests because they keep your wine fresher, and they are environmentally friendly. You can find them in a variety of sizes and colors to perfectly match your kitchen’s decor.

No need to stuff your bottles into the fridge haphazardly and let them suffer from the incorrect temperature or lighting. Give them the space they deserve.

Enjoy Your Kitchen Again

Whether you want to make your kitchen more energy efficient with better heating or want to make it feel like a fancy getaway with a wine fridge, there are many ways you can upgrade your kitchen. A few investments in your kitchen can make it a far more inviting space for yourself and your guests.

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