5 Easy Ways to Reuse Christmas Decorations in the New Year

Decorating your home in the winter can easily become a time-consuming and expensive task. You may spend hours in some of your favorite home decor stores and not be able to find the perfect style you’re going for. A great and budget-friendly way to solve this problem is by reusing some of the Christmas decorations you already have in your house to create your own winter home decor. Check out the ideas below on how to repurpose your holiday decorations in the new year.

You don't have to use those Christmas items just for Christmas anymore. Use our 5 ways to repurpose your holiday decorations in the new year.


A great way to incorporate your festive Christmas decorations into your everyday home decor is by using it for tablescapes. Tablescapes have become increasingly popular in recent years and allowed homeowners to get creative with their table settings when hosting dinner parties and other events. You can achieve a simple rustic or minimalistic-style tablescape by reusing garland or branches from your Christmas tree to act as your greenery that will run down the center of the table. You can add flowers, candles, and small string lights to the garland to add to your tablescape design.

You can also incorporate some leftover Christmas ribbons into your tablescape as well. Try tying the ribbon in a bow around the bottoms of the candles or make individual bows to place within the greenery. This setup makes any dinner table look elegant and put-together just by adding these small touches.


Centerpieces have maintained their popularity for events and are a great way to repurpose your holiday decorations as well. A very simple centerpiece you can try only requires a candle and a wreath. If you have a smaller wreath, lay it flat on the table and place a candle inside. Add small lights or decorations of your choice and you now have a homey centerpiece for any coffee table, side table, or dinner table.

With a larger wreath, try placing several candles of different sizes and heights in the middle. Or, you can even add vases with your favorite flowers and plants for a more intricate centerpiece design. You can also combine this centerpiece with the greenery and decorations from your tablescape to create one cohesive look.


Potpourri is commonly found among many households all year long. It is a great way to add color and a fresh scent to your home. Potpourri is typically composed of dried petals and spices but is a great home decor item that you can discreetly add some of your smaller Christmas decorations. Depending on the colors in your potpourri, you can include small pieces of garland, clippings from the Christmas tree, and pinecones. You can even try adding in smaller ornaments or sleigh bells if they fit your home decor as well.

Themed Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the great decorations that can be used year-round. With their simple appearance, you can add just about anything to them to make them fit any occasion. For your typical, green Christmas wreaths, you can constantly add flowers, flags, and other decorations to fit any holiday from Valentine’s Day all the way down to Independence Day.

Similarly, between holidays, you can decorate a wreath to fit for any season. A popular home style many adopt during the fall and winter months is a country primitive style of decor. Instead of buying a wreath, you can match this aesthetic and make your own wreath out of twigs and sticks for a more rustic feel. Simply twist the twigs together into a circular formation and use other twigs or floral wire to tie the twigs together. After creating the wreath itself, you can add leftover Christmas ribbon, garland, and pinecones for autumn and winter. Then try adding flowers, bright-colored ribbons, and lettering to your wreath in the spring and summer.

Outdoor Space

Real Christmas trees are one of the more expensive elements of our holiday decorations and what many people struggle to find a place for after the holidays. But, contrary to what most believe, the Christmas tree can be one of the easiest holiday decorations to repurpose. The easiest way to go about this is to place it outside. You can add an empty Christmas tree to any outdoor porch, patio, or yard space, and leave it without decorations. Allow it to accent your outside furniture and existing decor. You can also create a cluster of evergreen trees by adding a couple more small trees next to the larger one. This creates a forest-like look that steers away from the holiday appearance you are now trying to escape.

But, if you feel that your Christmas tree may be too big or look out-of-place in your outdoor space, you can create your own foliage using Christmas tree branches. Using a decorative pot of your choice, add floral foam bricks to the bottom of the pot to help with the placement of the branches. Clip off branches or sections of your Christmas tree and arrange them in the floral foam so that the foam is no longer visible. Add in other twigs and branches to make your creation appear natural and full. Before you know it, you’ll have a new shrub to place on your porch or patio to complement the rest of your decor.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and you shouldn’t have to feel the need to skip out on decorating your home because those decorations just go to waste after a couple of months. Finding new and creative ways to repurpose your holiday decorations all-year-round can be fun for everyone and a great way to save money in the new year.

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