5 Essential Supplies For Deep Cleaning Your Home

Every so often, it’s a good idea to give your home a deep clean. It’s easy enough to keep things tidy and organized, though sometimes it’s necessary to go that extra mile to give yourself a real sense of peace of mind. You want to clean in all those places you wouldn’t normally get a chance to reach, clear all that dust, and make sure those windows sparkle like diamonds.

deep cleaning your home

Here are five essential supplies you need to deep clean your home.

1. Window Cleaning Kits

A lot of homeowners overlook deep cleaning windows. It’s natural to wipe them down now and again from the inside, but they deserve to have a good scrub as much as the floors and tub.

Window cleaning kits include poles of various heights for attachable washing and cleaning pads, allowing you to reach those hard to reach spots outside your home.

The important distinction between a window cleaning kit and a common squeegee is that the kit pads won’t drip. They’ll keep your windows streak-free.

While you can mix-and-match your own window cleaning kit, you also can find all the tools you need from a professional janitorial supplier.

2. An Extending Duster

Though you probably have a duster or two in your home, an extending duster really makes all the difference.

Having to rearrange your furniture just to reach a location, or perhaps putting yourself at risk by climbing on top of precarious furniture—both are unnecessary inconveniences. A duster with an extendable handle makes the simple task of dusting just that, simple.

Maximizing your cleaning and minimizing needless stress. An additional benefit includes being able to put yourself a good distance away from dust and grime, meaning an easier time on your allergies, should you have them.

3. Pipe Cleaners

One of the worst areas to clean in the house is underneath the sink. Without a dedicated tool, navigating all of those pipes can be a harder task than needed.

Pipe cleaners have curved and easily bendable frames that allow them to just slink between the pipes. Meanwhile, the bristles tackle any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time, without damaging the pipes they’re cleaning.

Another area where a dedicated pipe cleaner would prove useful is another task nobody enjoys: cleaning those particularly filthy areas in the bathroom.

4. Dedicated Brushes

Different surface areas require different brush textures as not to damage what you are cleaning. It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated set of brushes to do the job properly. That way, you won’t make even more of a mess for yourself.

For example, there are deck brushes that tackle deep-set stains. Counter brushes repel water while still picking up all the dirt, grit, and grime on your kitchen counters. Tile brushes work their way into the grout between your tiles to clean them, without damaging the tiles themselves.

5. Storage

While not the most important thing in deep cleaning your home, it certainly pays to organize your equipment. Your house could be sparkling, but if you’re still unsatisfied with the layouts of your cupboards, there will always be that itch in the back of your mind.

Simple, cheap, and effective at keeping your storage organized, something so small can go a long way.

The Takeaway

Deep cleaning your home every so often has proven to have a range of mental health benefits, as well as physical, helping to stave off those dreaded allergies. Keep these essentials in mind the next time you decide to give your home a deep clean.

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