5 FAQs When Buying A Garage Door

5 FAQs When Buying A Garage Door

Are you getting ready to buy a new garage door? Are you unsure which design or style you need for your garage door? Do you want to know the best choice for your needs? At Family Christian Doors, our garage door company has been in the business for several years, which means we have built a level of expertise that our customers trust and see. Listed below, we have gathered a few frequently asked questions about new garage doors to help explain and simplify your selection process. If your questions are not on the list, do not hesitate to call us for your concerns. We will be happy to answer your inquiries.

 Should I Choose an Insulated Garage Door?

Adding insulation to your garage door can be a perfect and valuable option, but whether or not it is necessary depends on how you often use your garage and its location. If you have an attached garage, an insulated garage door is an excellent choice. It will help keep a consistent temperature within the space.

Because the room temperature in your garage affects the temperature of any connecting indoor spaces, insulation is an excellent option to keep your electricity costs controlled. If you have a detached garage that you do not use for anything other than keeping your stuff or parking, insulation may not be significant.

 Which Is Better? Two Single Doors or One Double Door?

For practical purposes, two single garage doors may be the better choice. Because if one garage door opener does not work, you can still enter and exit the garage.

When it comes to esthetical value, though, the choice is yours. Does your home have a specific architectural style that suits the double door? Or would two single doors provide a more balanced artsy look?

If you cannot decide, do not hesitate to call us about your garage door options. Professional door specialists can provide styles and design tips along with a range of options, which can help you point out the right choice for your needs.

 Do I Need Windows In My Garage Door?

Eventually, the decision to have windows in your garage door is yours. It is up to your preferences. With that, windows in your garage door offer many added benefits, namely additional natural light and security. If your garage does not have any other windows, windows in the garage door can help bring some extra daylight inside your garage. In addition, a few strategically placed windows help you better see and identify your visitors or passerby. This way, you can know who they are as you work in the garage.

 What Type of Garage Door Spring System Is The Best?

When it comes to garage door hardware installation, you have two garage door spring choices: extension and torsion. If your garage has at least 12 inches of headroom above the garage door frame, a torsion garage door spring is an excellent option. Torsion springs focus on the weight of the garage door in the center of the frame. They deliver smoother and quieter functions.

If your garage does not have ample space above the door for torsion springs, you will have to choose extension springs. Extension springs have two independently operating coil springs that lie above the horizontal tracks of the garage door. Though extension springs do not offer quite as efficient operation as the torsion hardware, they are way cheaper than torsion garage door springs.

How Long Does Typical Garage Door Last?

Garage doors approximately last 15 to 20 years on average, though that life expectancy depends on the quality of the materials and ongoing maintenance. Regular lubrication, cleaning, and parts replacement will make sure your garage door lasts as long as possible.

As for the parts like garage door springs, torsion springs typically make 20,000 cycles, while extension springs generally make half of the amount. It depends on how frequently you use your garage door. You will likely need a garage door spring replacement before the door itself.

 Family Christian Doors: Your Flower Mound Source For Comprehensive Garage Door Service and Sales

At Family Christian Doors, we have been giving garage door repairs, replacements, maintenance, sales, and services for Flower Mound homeowners for many years. Whether you need a new garage door installation or repairs, we are confident to offer you the best services as we commit ourselves to fair pricing and fast response. On top of that, we prioritize our customers. To learn more about our garage door services, schedule an appointment today. You can give our team a call. You are also free to contact us online to request further information. We will be in touch with you immediately.

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