5 Fire Safety Tips For The Workplace

Fire accidents can take place anywhere at any time. Along with smoke detectors, it is also important to install fire extinguishers in the important areas in-house like kitchen, bedrooms, garage, in corporate offices, Malls, shopping complex, etc. A fire drill is essential as everyone would be aware as to where to go and what to do in case of a fire accident. Research says that it hardly takes two minutes to escape if there is a fire accident in a home. Not only the smoking detectors but also a fire escape plan has to be practiced regularly so that you can save many lives. Here are a few safety tips you must learn.

Fire Safety Tips

Fire Risk Assessments

As the owner of a business, or employee, or a member of the house, it’s  your responsibility to check for fire hazards and be sure to remove them. Fire awareness training is necessary to help you identify the hazardous elements and save the lives of people who are at risk. Even in your workplace, the assessment can be carried out, to reduce the risks and inform them beforehand regarding the procedures.

Appointing Responsible Person

Checking the fire safety procedures now and then takes time. In one such scenario, appointing a fire warden can help you out. They can be your eyes and ears and perform the duties of fire safety. They are solely responsible for regularly checking the fire equipment in a workplace. And, they have to perform a monthly check on the emergency lights and extinguishers, test the sounders and fire alarm call points on a weekly basis, and, check the fire exit doors. Appointing more than one warden can help you if the other person is on leave.

Clean Workspace

Removing the unwanted waste like cardboard, paper and, wood in your workplace can clear the clutter and prevent the fire hazard. An untidy workplace can give risk to fire accidents if the employees have evacuated immediately. It is the sole responsibility of the employee to keep his/her workplace clean and clutter free to ensure safety while working.

Detection and Warnings

As a business owner, another of the fire safety tips is essential. Install a fire alarm in your office to alert your employees in case of a fire break out. Also, check the functioning of these fire alarms consistently. Despite the fire alarms, make sure to install other safety equipment like fire extinguishers, emergency exits, emergency lightings, fire safety signs such as ISO fire exit left signage, and so on. When you fire detection is down for repairs, call on Silver Springs Fire Watch to get a skilled fire guard on the premises.

Fire Safety Policy

A fire safety policy is always a good practice. Employees will know what to do in case of fire accidents in the workplace. Post a plan and evacuation route near the fire exits so that every employee knows the evacuation plan. Also, anyone using fire safety equipment should have received proper training and know what to do in case of fire
These few tips can be of best help in case of fire accidents in the workplace. Make sure you have proper knowledge on handling the equipment. Safety.com has created a simple video guide that shows the proper way to use a fire extinguisher using the PASS method.

The more fire safety tips you follow, the less chance someone getting injured in a fire at your workplace. Additionally, practice these tips at home and keep your family safe from fire hazards.

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