5 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations are some of the most unique. You don’t have spend $100’s on Christmas decorations. And, your family can enjoy making them with you. You create happy memories together while decorating  with your family. Below are 5 fun and easy to make homemade Christmas decorations:

5 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

One of my fondest Christmas time memories was sitting at the dining room table make ornaments together with my brothers and sister. I wanted to make the clothes pin dolls my sister was making, but I was too young for the complexity of her project. Each of those ornaments was a different character. But, mom taught me how to make ornaments with styrofoam balls, Raggedy Ann paper napkins, Mod Podge, and glitter. I had so much fun making those! It more than made up for not being able to help with the harder ones. Here’s some projects you can have your whole family be a part of:

Popcorn Stringing

Strung popcorn is very easy and fun to do with your family. Start with a big bowl of popcorn (unbuttered, of course) and string it piece by piece using a standard sewing needle and thread. Make sure there’s plenty of popcorn because, if you’re stringing it for garland, you’re going to need a lot.

Cranberry Stringing

Much like the popcorn stringing method, many people used to string cranberries using a standard needle and thread. Again, make sure there’s plenty to go around if you’re going to use it as garland. You can even mix them with popcorn.

5 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread ornaments are another of our homemade Christmas decorations. It’s make your tree look extra special with all the cookies hanging on the tree. Choose a gingerbread recipe made for making gingerbread houses. That kind of recipe creates a more solid cookie that holds up to handling.

Paper Chains

One of the greatest memories of decorating for Christmas, as a child, has to be the traditional paper chains. Now you have lots of options for paper. In addition to traditional construction paper, use scrapbook paper. Cut horizontal strips of each color. Fold them into a circle and seal with tape. Once you have a complete circle, take another strip in an alternating color and run it through the first circle. Next, fold it around and seal with tape. Complete this step until you have a big strand of paper garland. You and your child will enjoy doing this together and it will create wonderful memories for you both.

Fruits & Nuts

There’s nothing more beautiful than a table displays of fresh fruits and nuts. Apples, oranges, and pomegranates are add beautiful color to the table. You can smell the citrus! Add some sprigs of fresh evergreen, tucked in here and there. And, add clusters of un-shelled nuts. You can do this type of displays down the middle of the dining table, across your fireplace mantle, or in a large bowl. And, even add a little spice by inserting cloves into some of the oranges, making them into pompadours.

You see how beautifully special a simple Christmas can be. It doesn’t have to overdone with lots decorations bought from a store. Making these decorations with your family creates special memories for you and is friendly on your pocketbook.

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