5 Great Design Trends for 2021 That Every Homeowner Should Know About

Whether you’ve just got your foot on the property ladder and looking to fix up your first home, or you’ve decided your home needs a bit of a revamp, you can take some inspiration from the latest trends. 2020 has seen many people spending more time at home than ever before. As we head into 2021, it looks like lockdown measures will continue to be imposed for a little while longer. With that in mind, 2021 may just be the perfect time to rethink your home design.

Design trends change fairly regularly, which is important to remember if you want to create a timeless look that won’t appear dated a few years down the line. The overarching themes for 2021 seem to be creating a sense of calm in the home in juxtaposition to the often tumultuous world we have to deal with outside. Here are a few ideas of may want to consider when pondering home design in the coming year:

5 Great Design Trends for 2021 That Every Homeowner Should Know AboutAlexandra Gorn (Unsplash)

Inspiration From Nature

Lockdown measures have forced us into our homes and have limited opportunities for us to get outdoors into nature. As such, we’ve all learned to appreciate all of the blessings nature has to offer, and people are now keen to bring nature inside too. You’ll notice nature-inspired patterns on upholstery, and botanical wallpapers and hand-painted murals dominate. In addition, people are also realizing there are mental health benefits to having greenery in the home, with potted plants and vertical gardens becoming increasingly popular decor options.

Let Light Shine In

Bringing light into living spaces is having noticeable benefits as more people spend time at home. Do away with any heavy curtains and find ways to let natural light in. Blinds and sheer curtains are great options for letting light in. If you are keen to go all out, why not consider a skylight?

Warm Colors and Earthy Tones

Sticking with the natural theme, popular color choices for 2021 include mustard yellow, burnt orange, emerald green, and cobalt blue. These earthy tones help people feel grounded and offer a sense of calm and comfort.

Retro Influences

Designers also expect there to be a sense of nostalgia coming through in interior decor trends for 2021 with a look back to happier times in the 1970s and 80s. In line with the popularity of earthy color palettes, these decades represent freedom and individuality, which will come through in the bohemian style of the finishings.

Contemporary Furniture

Finally, when it comes to new furniture, simple contemporary styles dominate. As fairly big investments, people are looking for pieces that are both functional and stand the test of time. If you are on the hunt for top-quality classic furniture items, be sure to shop at reputable outlets. For a broad change of timeless furniture designs, browse the options on offer at Kasala which are guaranteed to be a good long-term investment for your home.

Redesigning your home can be an exciting project that allows you to put your individual stamp on the place and make it a more comfortable place to spend time in. Furthermore, investing time and money into your home will also serve you well when it comes to increasing the property’s resale value which will be especially useful in the competitive real estate market that exists currently.


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