5 Great Locations to Invest in Land

5 Great Locations to Invest in Land

To invest in land is one of the safest long-term investments you can make. While institutional investors choose cities such as LA, Paris, and London as locations that are most likely to provide the best long-term capital appreciation, when you’re thinking of buying some land to build a home, other considerations, such as your budget and preferred lifestyle, are also important.

Increasingly, Americans are turning their attention to desirable overseas locations as potential bases for their retirement, as a second home, or to live permanently and raise their family. Here are 5 of the most popular destinations right now, to help you consider whether a move to another country might be what you’re looking for.


With its wonderful climate, relaxed pace of life, and friendly people, Spain is proving a popular choice for many Americans. As most people now speak English, language isn’t a barrier. Land is plentiful, relatively cheap and there are numerous real estate options. However, the legal requirements surrounding building regulations can be tough to navigate.


This beautiful country also offers a huge range of options for every lifestyle – whether in the bustling cosmopolitan centers such as Sydney and Melbourne, or the stunning natural surroundings of the northern coastlines. If beach living appeals to you and your family, you must look for land for sale in Sunshine Coast, a location that is creating a buzz right now with cutting-edge planned developments representing secure investments that are likely to increase in value over the long term.


If year-round sunny weather isn’t a priority, and you prefer to experience all four seasons, Canada is a destination to consider.  Close enough to the US to make visits back home easy, many Americans value it for the spectacular natural scenery – and there’s clearly a lot of land available!  With universal healthcare and a booming economy (albeit impacted by Covid-19 along with the rest of the world) it a great investment option to consider. Not sure where to being looking for a location? Read this: The Best Places To Live In Canada.


France can be a great place to invest in land. The property market is tightly regulated, so, even if you’re not ready to relocate full-time, building a second home can pay off in the short term, perhaps as a holiday let, and later as a second home or for your retirement. If you are planning to live there, be prepared to learn some French before you go – you’ll find it much easier to integrate into the local community. Then just enjoy the wonderful culture, food and of course the world-famous wines!


As it’s an investment destination that’s stable, rich in history and culture, and in the heart of Europe, it’s no surprise that Germany is also gaining in popularity with Americans looking to buy land.  Germans enjoy a good standard of living, are extremely environmentally conscious and their cities are safe and livable – often being car-free in the centers. The country has many areas of natural beauty, so as with France, it can be perfect as a second home that provides tourist rental income.

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