5 Green Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company

5 Green Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company

Safe, efficient, and timely rubbish removal from a property is an essential task. Whether it is a commercial, industrial or private residential property, wastes need to be cleared and removed promptly and systematically.

Since the requirements of both residential and commercial properties are the same for rubbish removal in Sydney, there are a few essential and common things to look for when hiring a rubbish removal company for waste clearance from your property.

There are numerous kinds of waste removal services and numerous companies offering such services in Sydney and surrounding areas. In the next section of this article, we have listed five important “green” questions to ask your rubbish removal company before hiring them.

Five Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Rubbish Removal Company

These five green questions and the answers you get will determine if you are making the right choice when it comes to hiring a rubbish removal company for your property and how sustainably they deal with the waste being removed.

What Are The Kinds Of Waste You Remove?

It is important to know if the company you are hiring for rubbish removal in Sydney deals with the kind of waste you aim to remove or dispose of from your property. They must also do it in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner.

This will give you a better understanding of what you can and cannot recycle as well. An efficient rubbish removal company will also offer guidance on how to sort your waste to easily and safely remove and recycle them. The kinds of waste most waste removal companies deal with are:

  • Wood, metals, and plastic
  • Excess building offcuts and materials
  • Office furniture
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Garden waste

How Do You Deal With Hazardous Materials?

Common hazardous items that need to be removed include:

  • Asbestos waste
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Lubricants
  • Oils
  • Contaminated materials
  • Chemicals

Discussing the presence of hazardous materials before you hire a company is essential. You also need to ensure that they can safely and sustainably remove them, as all waste disposal companies do not have the right resources or ability to remove hazardous waste.

What Happens To The Waste After Disposal?

As a responsible citizen, you must ensure that waste from your premises is disposed of sustainably and there are no severe dangers caused by it. This is why you need to ask the rubbish removal company about what happens to the waste after it is removed from your property.

Can You Help Meet My Sustainability Targets?

For commercial premises, having a sustainability target is important, and you must always choose a company that offers environmentally friendly solutions. Having such a service provider will have positive reflections on your business.

How Much Waste Can You Recycle?

Hiring a capable and efficient rubbish removal company is essential. Green practices have become a trend and a primary selling point for businesses and the firm you hire must be able to match the recycling standards of modern times, which is at least 80-90% of the waste.

Ending Note

These five questions will help you choose an efficient and capable company offering sustainable and green waste disposal solutions for rubbish removal in Sydney. It will make the process safer and easier, and for commercial establishments, it will also have a positive reflection on the business image.

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