5 Guidelines For Hiring Professional Movers When Moving Offices

5 Guidelines For Hiring Professional Movers When Moving Offices

Moving offices can be a headache for any company since it does not merely entail packing up a few boxes and moving them to the new premises. Here are a few guidelines to help you with selecting the right commercial mover to assist you with your move.

Hiring A Reliable Moving Company

It is highly recommended to hire a reputable local moving company that knows what is involved in a commercial move and that has the necessary experience and expertise in the field. A professional company can ensure that your office move goes as smoothly and problem-free as possible. However, keep in mind that reliable movers typically have very tight schedules, therefore you must book them at least two months ahead of your move. You can do a few things on your end to ensure the move happens swiftly, for instance, emptying refrigerators and trash cans at the office on moving day.

Always Find Out If The Moving Agency Has Insurance In Place

Do not hire the first commercial you come across. It pays to do your research first because you are entrusting your entire office to the moving agency. First, ascertain that the moving help near me in question is the right one for the job.  Find out whether the moving company that you are planning on hiring has the necessary manpower, expertise, licensing, and mover’s insurance available. And you will need boxes and packing supplies, which you can find over here at Boomerang Box.

Find Out What Your Building Requirements Are

If you are relocating from an office building, it is quintessential that you plan in advance. Make sure you are acquainted with the moving requirements of the building. Must moving-out-cleaning be done? Be sure to check if there is a sufficient amount of time for the Master Movers LLC truck to be parked in front of the office building. Or you might have to cover the flooring during the move. Keep in mind, this is not just crucial for commercial moves, but it is also useful to avoid any mishaps during a move and make sure the move goes down successfully. It is our recommendation that once you have started planning the upcoming move, to liaise with your building supervisor to find out about the necessary specifications to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Number And Label All The Carton Boxes

It is crucial to label all your boxes and write down what is inside each one. It is also a good idea to number each box. The number of each box must be added to the list with the contents listed in a personal ledger. This is an extra step in giving you extra insurance in the event of a box going missing. This way you will also know precisely which box is amiss.

Make Sure Every Item Is Packed With Care

When you start packing up the office, be sure to pack everything carefully. Empty the filing cabinets and pack everything properly. Make sure all electronic equipment is prepared and wrapped appropriately.


If you will be moving offices soon, it is worth hiring moving experts that have the necessary equipment, expertise, and know-how that is needed with such a move. Make sure to change your address online so that the USPS can update your address and send letters to the new address. This can help ensure that your move goes as planned and is conducted as problem-free and promptly as possible.

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