5 Ideal Treatments for Large Windows

Finding a viable solution for large windows is hard. But if you have them and you need an effective solution, you might as well consider the following treatments!


1.Vertical Blinds


The vertical used for windows is a bit wide. They are a durable alternative of draperies. Moreover, their PVC slats can stand against sunlight and moisture. The best place to install them is over a large kitchen window.

In case you want a bit light, look for a blind with wand control. These blinds are ideal for large, wide, and sliding glass doors as well as windows. If you have large windows, and you need help with them. You need a professional window treatment service like Select Blinds Canada; they will make sure you won’t have an issue with your windows ever.


2.Cellular Shades


If you have large window s that are tall, not wide, then you can use Cellular shades. These are easy to install,and they offer your room a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

It also includes cellular shade fabric. It is lightweight and can be made in large sizes without getting too heavy.




This is an elegant choice for large windows. It adds a bit of grace and finesse to your home. If you have very large and wide windows,you can use these for complete coverage. However, you should know it can cost you a bit. Ripplefold draperies slide across the full width of a large window. They are not caught on rod brackets.

In case your house has several windows in a row, you can save big money if you install drapes on outside edges. It will give the row of windows an appearance of one long piece. You can achieve this look without the bulky feeling of heavy draperies covering the whole length of the window.

4.Valance and Cornices

Consider a valance or cornice for large or wide windows as a decorative accent to blinds, shades and even draperies. You can keep windows open to improve your view while it blocks a bit of sunlight on top of its elegant design. You will need to do your search of colors and patterns to coordinate with the style. It will take some time before you pick someone that acts as a perfect accent piece for your window.

Roller and solar shades can also suffice you. They space wide widths and find décor of modern homes with large windows. You can have the option of bombing multiple blinds on single or multiple blinds with one valance.

5.Tall Windows

It’s possible your home windows are tall or out of reach. This is where motorized blinds and shades come into play. You can tilt and adjust your blinds with just a press of a button. Yes, you can raise and lower them, even if they are out of reach.

But before you conclude, you better consult with a professional. They will give you helpful insight.

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