5 Important Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks

If you own your own home, then you know it's best if you keep with caring for it. Consider these exterior home maintenance tasks.

If you own your own home, then it’s in your best interests to take care of it. This is more than just making sure it continues to have street appeal or retains its value. Undertaking the following exterior home maintenance tasks at least once every year will help to ensure that your home remains safe and secure for years to come:

1. Pressure Wash

At least once a year you need to pressure wash your home, this will remove any dirt, grime, and mold. This is exceptionally easy to do if you have cladding. In fact, it is virtually the only maintenance job required for a clad house.

Be careful when pressure washing mortar as the power of the water can dislodge the cement. It is important to remove mold as this can become a health risk and it will retain moisture within the walls which can lead to further issues.

2. Check Gutters & Drains

Your walls can get wet and allow water into the home if they are constantly subject to water cascading down them. This is usually a result of blocked gutters or drains.

Get the ladder out and clear the gutters, and drainpipes to ensure that water flows freely away from the house. This does more than protect the walls; eliminating standing water means that the house and surrounding areas will be less attractive to insects. Mosquitoes in particular love standing water as they need it to breed.

3. Visually Inspect Exterior

Now that you’ve cleaned the outside of your home you’ll be able to inspect it for cracks; these need to be filled straight away as they are the perfect entry point for insects and other pests. You may find this is a good time to have an annual pest inspection; an expert will verify if you have an issue and potential access points that need to be dealt with.

Visually inspecting your exterior will also provide you with the opportunity to spot damp stains and flaking paint or worn stained finishes. Treating deck surfaces with the right deck stain and sealer will help your deck to last longer.

4. Clear The Garden

A messy garden is likely to attract pests, damp, and insects. You should spend some time cutting the grass and making sure that no piles of wood are too close to your house walls. It is recommended that they are at least 6 feet away as they may attract insects and you don’t want them in your home.

This is also a good opportunity to inspect any soil against your home for insect trails. Termites leave tube-like holes if you cover them they will reappear within a day or two, showing you that the termites are active.

Do you have a problem area when it rains? Consider getting the help from a retaining wall contractor for those troublesome hills near your house. Instead of washing away into your patio area it can become a beautiful wall protecting your garden and yard from rain damage.

5. Cleaning Windows

The outside of your windows is often overlooked but it is one the exterior home maintenance tasks as they allow light into your home while improving the appearance. When cleaning them you can also check the seal around the window to ensure it is in good condition. Again, any cracks in this will encourage insects in, something you don’t want.

Finally, step back from your home and visually inspect everything; you’ll know if there is something out of place and that you need to look into it further.

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