5 Important Things That A New Electric Smoker Buyer Must Know

5 Important Things That A New Electric Smoker Buyer Must Know

Die-hard charcoal smoke lovers always appreciate the opinion of having a smoker in their modern kitchen. Whether it is an everyday barbeque dish at home or the best backyard party, you will experience WOW both ways. But, as the idea of imagining a smoker in the kitchen excites you, buying could prove a daunting task unless you are not well prepared. There are plenty of smoker options in the market. All those can confuse you and sometimes make you regret your decision later.

Why electric smokers?

If the smoky fragrance of your BBQ in traditional smokers excited your senses, consider buying the best smoker in the market. And an electric smoker is a perfect choice for you. It is cost-effective and has less hassle compared to traditional smokers. Besides that, you don’t have to go through charcoal and wood inserting processes during cooking. Some of the modern electric smokers look complicated, indeed they are not. Therefore experts always advised going through Electric Smoker Reviews before buying. You will know about top models, features with the pros and cons of each electric smoker. Whether you want a fast or slow cooking experience, different electric smoker models can help you to meet your expectations.

To help you more, here we come with top things you must check in electric smoker:

Type of fuel

In traditional smokers, the use of charcoal and wood goes long. But, electric smokers restrict wood usage. You just need to add a few wood pieces to create smoke, and an electric heater does the rest. Therefore, while shopping, it is always recommended to check fuel consumption and what type of fuel it requires. Some heaters require frequent usage of wood and charcoal, which are hardly available in the market. Remember, these heaters can put an additional burden on your pocket, and every time you have to think about fuel buying before using.

Size matters

The right size of electric heater has great importance. Modern kitchens have limited space. Therefore, it is imperative to look for your electric heater’s size that matches your kitchen’s space availability. Besides, an adequate size is of utmost importance while cooking. According to experts, too big and too small, both sizes can be problematic for users. A smaller electric smoker restricts you from cooking limited food at one time.

In contrast, large-size electric heaters result in having raw food, especially when you plan to smoke a small number of ribs or fish. Moreover, larger sizes are hard to handle for regular usage or at small in-house parties. Make sure your electric smoker should have the perfect size that can meet your kitchen needs and have the ability to serve the desired quantity in one batch. For our Aussie readers, take a look at size options at bbq smokers brisbane.


As the name defines, electric smokers are equipped with both electric and electronic features. Therefore, these devices can make excellent food in a short time. So, while buying, you must know what type of electronics you want to take home. For instance, when it’s about temperature control. Companies rely on mainly two types of temperature control equipment – Thermostat and Rheostat. Manufacturers selling high-quality electric heaters use Thermostat to provide an accurate reading, whereas Rheostats is not considered a reliable solution. Heaters with thermostats can be quite more expensive than others. So, if you plan for the best product, you will make a wise decision considering the long-term usage of your electric smoker.

Trays and racks

Trays and racks are two important details to make your smoked food experience more enjoyable. How? Some of the electric smokers from Strathalbyn Mitre 10 have grills like trays, while others have hollow trays. Both have their own advantages. But if you plan for a Bar-B-Que party, go with the grill option, as it ensures perfect cooking. You can also enjoy a classic smoke fragrance in meat, and that looks great. Whereas a hollow tray option is excellent for those who know what is happening inside.

Another thing is to check its proper foiling. Like, if your electric smoker has an open-top grill, there are high chances that the spices will pour down. Hence, you may have to sacrifice taste unless you are not aware of how to do things well. While purchasing, check and inspect every detail carefully.


While using an electric heater, meat oil stains are very common, and cleaning them is a hectic job. There are many high-quality electric smokers models available in the market with non-stick coating on the racks to deal with this issue. It will make your cleaning process easier. Other than this, you can also look for other heater options that can easily be made with lukewarm soapy water or a water and baking soda solution.

Saving both time and money

While buying, most users are concerned about budget and time factors. Therefore, nowadays, shopping from online resources proves to be a more trustworthy and time-saving process. You can save almost 60% of your budget and time during online shopping. Most importantly, you will get the product at home. You just need to choose a reliable vendor and get a good comparison of products and prices. There are some more benefits of online shopping:

  • You can buy desired smokers at the best price than market rates.
  • There is the liberty to read the product descriptions and past customer reviews from your selected vendor.
  • You can even compare more smokers models at one time from different online sellers.
  • You can also enjoy a warranty period (as offline) on an online eclectic heater shopping. If there is off-season or other deals, you can buy the same product at a lower cost.
  • There is no need to stand in a queue and wait for your billing turn.

Bottom Line

As you know, smoky, delicious, mouthwatering food is essential to impress your guests. And for the meat lover, nothing is better than BBQ for parties. So, if you want to impress your guests and want to buy an electric smoker for home use, opting for these tips while shopping will help you to get the best electric heater. With these, make sure your electric heater’s adjustments should be easy to handle, and it takes less time to cook food.

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