5 Lawn Mowing Tips for Professional Looking Results

5 Lawn Mowing Tips for Professional Looking Results5 Lawn Mowing Tips for a Professional Finish

Your lawn adds beauty to your home, so taking care of it is essential. As a homeowner, you would want it to look extravagant. The most common way to care for lawns is to use lawn mowers. There are different types to choose from, and commercial walk-behind mowers have been one of the best sellers. They are not just used commercially but also personally.

However, you must follow the essential tips to achieve a professional finish. These will elevate your lawn, giving you lush green, healthy grass.

5 Lawn Mowing Tips

When you mow your lawn, follow these five tips. They’ll help you achieve beautiful, healthy grasses on your property.

1. Don’t cut too low

One common mistake homeowners make cutting their grasses low. We think we can make their growth slower if we do this, but cutting them low damages your grass more. The grass blades generate food for your grass from the sunlight. The longer it is, the more nutrients they can get from the sun. On the contrary, your grass will have challenges developing its food if they have shorter blades.

If there are fewer nutrients from the sunlight, your grass will dry and turn yellow. Dry grasses can harm your feet as they can have sharp, pointed edges. However, if you accidentally cut your lawn shorter than recommended, you don’t need to worry. You can apply fertilizer or homemade compost and water it immediately. Just make sure not to accidentally cut it short frequently because it could stress your lawn.

You’ll have healthy, long-lasting grass when your lawn has the right length.

2. Recycle your grass clippings

Most people attach a grass bag to their lawn mowers for easy clean-up. However, if you do this, you are wasting a good chance to recycle the nutrients from the clippings.

Aside from fertilizers that you can buy from your local shops, grass clippings are a good source of nutrients your lawn needs. You don’t need to attach a bag. Instead, leave your clippings on your lawn and let the nutrients be absorbed.

This is highly effective, especially when you mow regularly. The young grass blades are more efficient as they can be absorbed faster into the soil. You can also use a mulching kit for larger grass blade trimmings.

3. Change pattern and direction

Mowing the lawn can be a regular chore. You’ll probably start and end in the same areas as it has become a habit. However, doing this can negatively affect your grass as it puts constant pressure. The grasses will also grow in set directions, which could not look enticing.

Your lawn mower’s weight will also create tracks as it constantly uses the same direction or path. Changing the direction and pattern can lessen the pressure on the grasses. You can start moving diagonally and switch it back to the side or any other direction the next time. When you practice mowing in various patterns, you’ll have grass growing upright.

4. Avoid cutting wet grass

Cutting wet grass doesn’t affect your lawn severely. There’s a tendency for your grass to become yellow, but it could recover through patches or fertilizers. The main concern will be beauty and efficiency. If you cut wet grass, the cutting could result unevenly. You won’t be able to cut it in one go because your blades could slide through the grass.

Grass clippings can easily clump and clog your mower. Debris from the equipment will require you to make unnecessary stops. Cut your grass dry for easier control, especially for sharp turns and slopes.

5. Sharpen the blades regularly

Keeping your mower’s blades sharp is essential if you want a professional finish for your lawn. The sharper the blade is, the more precise the cutting will be. Imagine that your blade is your scissor. You’ll get uneven cuts if you try to use a piece of paper with dull scissors. With dull lawn mower blades, your grass will be ripped and, in most cases, pulled out from the roots.

Dull blades will also make you mow harder. Aside from exerting much force, you are putting much pressure on the lawn. Sharpening the blades three times a year is the recommended frequency. You may also change the blades to new ones. Keep the blades sharp before you use them, especially when beautifying your lawn for spring.

Mow Your Lawn Professionally

When you follow the tips above, you can expect a beautiful, healthy lawn. You won’t need to worry about damaging your grass as you cut them professionally. Maintaining the lawn may seem tedious, but you will feel much satisfaction after seeing the results of your hard work.

Patience and repetition are keys to achieving your lawn’s professional finish that you’ve been dreaming of. So go ahead and keep your grass beautiful with the tips provided.

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