5 Most Popular Storage and Wardrobe Design Ideas for 2020

In any home, you need to consider storage solutions and the best wardrobe design. The reason is obvious, without adequate storage you’ll end up with items everywhere, that means losing items, not being able to find them in a hurry, and having a lot of clutter around your beautiful home.

Fortunately, there are many different options available to you, here are the most popular options for 2020:

1. Traditional

The traditional approach to wardrobes and storing items is to have a free-standing wardrobe, such as these impressive French wardrobes. You can choose the style that best suits your room and even move it around your room as your desires change.

If the unique style of French furniture is something that really interests you it would be a good idea to design the whole room to fit that style of decor. It is quite a niche space and you can get some beautiful antique French furniture by Homes Direct 365 in the UK.

It’s a simple solution that can be moved from room to room or even house to house. But, it is an effective and stylish one.

2. Walk-In Closet

However, if you have a lot of clothes, some space available, and simply want more then it’s time to consider the walk-in closet. This can be created by building stud walls in your existing bedroom to create a separate space. You can also simply use the next bedroom and knock through to create an access point.

Alternatively, you can build an extension to house your closet.  The walk-in closet needs downlighters, a long rail, plenty of boxes for storing items and a mirror for trying different clothes combinations.

It will also be a tranquil space for you.

3. Built-In

If you already have alcoves in your bedroom and no available space to create a closet then a stylish approach and a popular trend in 2020 is simply to put doors on the alcove.

They can be mirrored or simply chosen because the look of the doors appeals. Ideally, they should slide, giving you access to the alcove.

In the alcove, you can fit an array of pieces that will give you all the box storage spaces you need as well as multiple rails as you need to house all your clothes and shoes.

4. Storage Boxes

A popular trend this year is to purchase old-fashioned looking trunk as storage boxes. These can be placed in your wardrobes to keep specific things. They can also be used in any other part of your home, allowing you to add your own personal style while getting rid of the clutter.

It’s a clever solution that every house should have.

5. Under Bed Storage

One space that is often wasted in a home is the space under the bed. It collects dust and does very little else. However, there are now plenty of stylish storage options that can be slotted under your bed. You can even purchase a new bed with storage built into it, this gives the best option in terms of style while keeping a minimalist bedroom.

You should also be aware that bright colors are a particularly strong trend this year, you may want to consider including some in your wardrobe and storage solutions

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