5 New Hobbies for Moms

Being a mom is an amazing and rewarding experience—you give life to another human being and get the privilege of watching them grow and develop! But while this in-and-of-itself is a miraculous experience, it can take so much focus away from you that you forget to strive for your own personal growth. That almost sounds silly at this point, right? Personal growth when you’re busy trying to make sure baby stays alive? But it’s true! Even when it seems like you have no time at all, it’s important to make time to do the things you love. Here are 5 suggestions for new hobbies for moms to try that will develop your creativity and help you shine.

Hobbies for Moms

  1. Learn to Play A Musical Instrument

Learning to play an instrument is not hard, and the benefits are endless. It helps with your memory, your overall mood, and your mental health! You can start with something easy, like playing the drums.

Popular material for drum sticks can be found anywhere on the web. Even something as simple as banging out a few beats will help you grow! This is also a great stress reliever when family life gets stressful.

  1. Paint or Draw

The key here is that it doesn’t have to be good; you just need to make something! Don’t let your fear of not being an artist keep you from doodling! Painting and drawing will help develop your creativity, function as a stress relief, improve your memory, and increase communication skills.

Much like music, developing artistic talents really helps you thrive and release your emotions in a healthy way. This will help your emotional regulation when your child or spouse gets on your very last nerves!

  1. Write or Journal

There are plenty of websites online that offer prompts to write about. You can either write on a computer or hand-write them in a journal. People have the tendency to get lazy with words, especially in this age of texting and twitter tweets. Good writing is a skill—not something you’re just born with.

By honing your ability to write, you will simultaneously become better at communicating and expressing yourself verbally with people, which is an invaluable skill in life! By developing your ability to communicate, you’ll be able to calmly explain why you’re upset instead of lashing out in anger.

  1. Dabble in Photography

Humans feel fulfilled when they are creating something. That’s why most of these hobbies involve making something new! You don’t need a fancy camera to take beautiful pictures. Just the simple act of creating something by taking a picture will have positive benefits for you.

Photography will push you to go outside and get some fresh air to seek inspiration! Going out with the intent of finding something to photograph will also force you to find the beauty in the world, which can be hard to do when you’re stressed out from your responsibilities.

  1. Dance as Exercise

Dancing is both artistic expression and exercise! There are plenty of “dance workout” videos online and in gyms. This is also a great way to meet new people and foster new friendships. Dancing will give you all the benefits of exercise, while also giving you all the mental health benefits of engaging in an artform.

As you can see, there are plenty of hobbies for moms you can do to foster your personal growth and also get some “me” time! Don’t neglect yourself while you’re raising your child, as this will only hurt you in the long run. You deserve to feel good and take care of yourself!

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