5 Ocean Weekend Getaway Ideas To Genuinely Unwind

5 Ocean Weekend Getaway Ideas To Genuinely Unwind

If you’re overdue for a vacation and want to spend your much-needed break on or around the ocean, you might be a bit surprised to learn that there is more than one kind of ocean vacation. While there’s no doubt that a beachfront holiday is the most prominent type of oceanic getaway, you can also consider these five great vacation ideas that will ensure you get the benefits of the open waters during your break.

Chartering A Yacht

Chartering a yacht is an exquisite way to spend your vacation time, and the experience will prove unforgettable. You can sail around Athens with 12 Knots and enjoy the oceanic landscape with a private yacht rental or opt for crew assistance that is included in the base rental fee. If you have never considered sailing before, it is best to opt for the professional help of a crew to genuinely enjoy peace of mind while indulging in this oceanic vacation.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a vacation experience that you can add to most oceanic holiday itineraries. This water activity will take your ocean holiday to a whole new level as you will experience a whole new world underwater. You will see some marine animals up close, and you may even spot a few you never knew existed. The experience of scuba diving is often described as life-changing, especially for beginners.

Beachfront Camping

Beachfront camping puts a unique twist on a beachfront hotel stay, although you should be sure to determine whether your chosen beach destination permits beachfront camping before planning your holiday. The experience of sleeping so close to the waters in a most exposed way is not for everyone, but if you enjoy camping, you will enjoy beachfront camping. You will need to pack appropriately as well as beachfront camping is quite different from regular camping.


Surfing is an undeniably enriching experience; even though learning to surf can be a bit tricky, it is nonetheless fun. You don’t have to purchase a board to indulge in the ocean by surfing, as most beachfront locations will offer rentals and guides to help you get started. With that said, including this oceanic activity on the itinerary of your getaway is the perfect way to enjoy the beach if you haven’t yet considered it. If you’re looking into learning, check out Everyday California – Surf Lessons in San Diego.

An Ocean Cruise

Not all ocean cruises are expensive, as there are quite a few package deals available that will ensure you can afford the experience. A world cruise tour is not your only option as you can travel a shorter distance and spend less. With that said, an ocean cruise is an excellent way to experience the open water while on vacation, and most cruise ships offer a variety of entertainment onboard to ensure your experience is unforgettable.

With so many different ways to indulge in the ocean, there’s no better way for water lovers to spend their time off work than on or around the sea. There are tons of destinations to choose from, so even the regular beachfront hotel stay can be diverse if you opt for a new destination.

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