5 Quick and Easy Home Exterior Renovations


5 Quick and Easy Home Exterior Renovations

We love renovating a home’s exterior in addition to interior design. While it’s easy to update your home’s interior with a few purchases or new furniture, exterior renovations usually seem far more overwhelming.

But you don’t need to sacrifice an entire month of weekends or have contractors around the house for days to love your house’s exterior! Here are 5 quick and easy exterior updates you can do whenever you want a change for only a little work.

1. Update Your Garage Door

Depending on your home’s design, your garage door may take up more of the face of your house than anything else. And while many may just accept the garage door that came with the house, an updated garage door can bring a sense of cohesion to your house.

Electronic roller doors can typically be installed in a day or even just a few hours. With many colors and finishes to choose from, you can find a garage door that perfectly fits your home’s aesthetic that you are working to create!

2. Illuminate Your Home

You can’t enjoy the beauty of your home if you can’t see it. By updating the lighting outside your home, the sconces, and the bulbs, you can create a lovely aura of light for your house. And consider adding lighting to your pathways as well! This is not only safe at night, but it is also beautiful.

3. Add Pops of Color to Patio Furniture

Just like how furniture is crucial for your home’s interior, furniture can make or break the exterior. Patio furniture doesn’t just have to be faded wood or black metal. Adding statement pieces to your patio is perhaps as simple as it gets. But the investment will pay dividends in how much you enjoy your outdoor space.

Imagine walking up to your front door at the end of a long day and being greeted by bright colors or beautiful, comfortable chairs that invite you to your home. Create beauty for your home from the flowers on the yard through the patio and into your home.

4. Use Garden Structures — Trellises, Pergolas, & Arbors

There are many ways you can use trellises, pergolas, and arbors. From creating additional privacy for patios and decks, adding beauty to walls and garden entrances, or create shade, these garden structures shouldn’t be underestimated for their ease and functionality.

Whether you choose a trellis, pergola, or arbor, these structures add a touch of sophistication. And they may even add to your entertaining space. With the shade they provide (depending on the style you choose), this can serve as a second patio, allowing for additional outdoor seating to enjoy a beautiful day!

5. Power Wash Driveways and Sidewalks

When’s the last time you looked at your sidewalks and driveway? Dirt and stains can add up quickly, giving any concrete around a house an old, tired, and unappealing look. But this can be remedied quickly! Many companies offer power washer rentals. No large investment is needed on your part.

Power washing can be done very quickly as less than a day’s project. Not only is it fast and easy, but it is also satisfying to see years of dirt wash away from your home. Make sure to get any decks or patios, and you’ll feel like you have a new house!

Bring Home Renovation Outside

You don’t need to invest your life’s savings and months of renovations to feel like your house looks new. A few, strategic investments that are quick and affordable like garage doors and patio furniture will bring beauty to your home without breaking the bank!

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