5 Reasons Florida Homeowners Choose Hurricane Windows

5 Reasons Florida Homeowners Choose Hurricane Windows

Florida is a beautiful southern state that features loads of attractions like beaches and sunshine. Unfortunately, along with its many tropical features, it also brings storms and hurricanes. Yes, Florida is significantly impacted by hurricanes.

The storm seasons include the Atlantic hurricane season, which is from June until November. Of course, there are peak hurricane seasons that range between August and October. The entire state of Florida is impacted by hurricane seasons. 

 Since the great state of Florida is a coastline paradise, it is always in the path of these powerful and damaging storms. In addition to flooding, storm surges, strong winds can cause quite a bit of damage. 

These damaging storm events occurred in 2020 when Tropical Storm Eta made two landfalls in Florida between November 7th and the 9th. Also, this year, 2021 is forecasted to experience more hurricanes than in the past years. 

Homeowners and business owners are preparing for potential storms by purchasing storm emergency kits and standard sandbags. They also buy construction boards and clear away things near the house that could be propelled dangerously. Now, when it comes to home protection from natural calamities, Hurricane windows or impact windows are robust construction that protects buildings well. 

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane-resistant windows are designed with thick certified glass that is hurricane-resistant and storm-proof glass. These windows will not shatter into pieces that could send glass shrapnels everywhere. The windows are critical. 

They add a layer of protection for everyone inside or keep your home safe when you must evacuate. Just as important, impact windows are designed to withstand a Category 5 storm with 200 mile-per-hour winds. 

Why do Floridians install these types of windows? Let’s look at 5 reasons Florida Homeowners choose hurricane windows:

Saves You Money

The cost of impact-resistant windows can pay for itself, especially when storm winds are blowing hard against your home. They are a long-term investment. The window’s price is determined by features of the home that include style, size, frame material, and window construction. The windows are soundproof, and they improve the real estate appearance of any home. 

Better yet, installing storm impact windows can save on a homeowner’s insurance premium rates. In 2002, the Florida state legislation introduced a law allowing homeowners to receive a discount on their insurance. The purpose of the deal became effective when they installed certain features that helped to lessen damages or loss during storms. In 2003 this legislation was passed.

When the hurricane storm passes, and you assess your home’s damages. Impact-resistant windows will have spider veins, but glass will not be all over the place. You will need to pay for replacing all the windows in your home. With storm-resistant windows, you will not need to replace all of them monetarily.

Protection Against Storm Objects 

Naturally, hurricane windows are all about outward and inward protection from hurricane storms. In addition to the strong winds associated with hurricanes, there is water damage. Yes, damage impact windows help protect against water damage. 

The floodwaters can also cause windows to break during a storm. Floodwaters are carrying dangerous debris that breaks windows, damaged doors and can sweep roofs away. Storm impact windows protect against flying objects by providing a seal, thick security glass to keep storm damage occurrences against your home.

Protection Against Intruding Crimes

Storm-resistant windows make gaining entry into your home problematic for burglars. Because the windows don’t easily break when criminals attempt to break in, these laminated glass windows give your home an additional safety measure. 

If impact windows are hit with an object of any kind to gain unlawful entry into your home, the windows will not give. The security measures that storm impact windows provide are a significant investment and a sense of security for you and your family.

Solar Protection 

Florida is known as the Sunshine State! Even when it rains, the sun continues to shine through the clouds. Florida has an annual average of 230 days of sunny skies. Storm impact windows protect against the harmful UV rays throughout each year. 

Standard windows don’t offer the same protection that windows built to withstand hurricane damage. The sunlight entering your home can fade furniture fabric, carpeting, curtains, painted walls, and even photos. 

One-Step Protection Factor 

Hurricane windows are a one-time installation cost, no matter how many hurricane storms threaten your location. When you install your impact windows, all you need to do is to keep them clean, and that is all. Storm impact windows do not require reinstallation. 

Storm shutters must be set up and then taken down. Boarded windows and doors must be removed. But for storm impact windows, once they are installed, that is all your house will need for ongoing storm protection.

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