5 Reasons To Choose A Career In Nursing In 2022

5 Reasons To Choose A Career In Nursing In 2022

Are you confused about the best field to choose a satisfying career? Are you certain you can thrive in a career that requires empathy, agreeableness, and some altruistic initiatives? 

A career in nursing might be the simple but meaningful path for you. Over the years, getting into a nursing career has proven to be a wise choice for those who possess some of the qualities listed above. 

There are several reasons why nursing could be a career that interests you. If you have any desire to help the injured or sick, impact your community, and can work under varying conditions, nursing is a great way to get going.

Nursing comes with significant responsibilities but can be so rewarding. This article compiles some reasons why a career in nursing is an excellent option in 2022.

Very High Demand

There are several positions open to nurses while discussing areas they can specialize in and practice.

Nursing has many areas of specialization to be filled, and there is no adequate number of people in this field. Hospitals, clinics, health care, etc., require the skills and knowledge of nurses.

Nurses are directly responsible for patients daily.  They help the doctors and also do significant work. They often invest more energy and time with patients than doctors do. Generally speaking, nurses convey the doctors’ directions and help the patients follow them as expected.

According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession will experience a 9% growth by 2030. This rate is faster than an average job growth rate indicating now is the ideal time to pursue a career in nursing.

The expected growth rate of jobs for nurses indicates that medical organizations will employ more nurses over this decade. Furthermore, already employed nurses get advanced opportunities in their place of work. 

Higher Rewards  

Nursing is a broad field, and it might not be suitable to ask how much a nurse earns in terms of figures. The amount a nurse makes depends on the area of specialization, experience, and organization where they work. 

However, nursing is a career with an attractive and higher salary than most other fields. It is so because there are diverse areas in this career where you can potentially earn high. In May 2021, the estimated median annual salary for registered nurses was $77,600. 

Nursing fresh graduates can potentially earn up to 20% more than the national annual salary, which increases as they gain more experience. An experienced nurse can earn over $100,000 (an amount other disciplines can only dream of). 

The reason nurses earn so much is not far-fetched. Working as a registered nurse is so demanding. It requires a lot of passion, hard work, critical thinking, and unique skill sets. 

Job Stability And Security 

Nurses’ jobs have always been stable and secure. It is so because medical organizations will never go away since there will always be sick and injured people. The roles of nurses in hospitals and other health care centers can not be overemphasized. 

Nurses have excellent job security because many nurses are retiring, and there are not many fresh graduate nurses to replace them. Schools are not producing enough nurses due to the hard work it takes to complete a program in nursing. 

The education and training one must go through to become a registered nurse and the high work demands after landing a job make many people avoid nursing careers altogether. As a result, there are many positions for skilled nurses to fill.

On the bright side, it gives nurses excellent job security when not many people have the skills and certification to displace them from their job positions. 

Numerous Career Opportunities 

A career in nursing can offer you countless advancement opportunities. You can have the chance to work as a general nurse or specialize in an area of your interest.

After your first degree in nursing, you are expected to work in an entry-level position. It enables you to acquire the necessary on-the-job training. A few years in this position will give you experience and expose you to the many available advanced opportunities. Even if you are tired of your current role, you can look into a fresh challenge.

You can also take up a new role in other countries. Nurses are largely demanded all over the world. The truth is, a degree in nursing can hasten your visa processing and offer you a permanent residency. 

As a nurse, there is no limit to how far you can go. There are diverse areas and positions you can aim for and attain.

Nurses’ Jobs Are Exciting And Satisfying

In a nursing job, you don’t often get identical days. You meet different patients with different health issues. Hence nurses face other challenges each time they are at work. To many people outside this profession, it might look exhausting. However, it is exciting for nurses; they tend to enjoy every bit of it as they embrace the tasks.

Nurses help patients during the moments they are most vulnerable. You will be responsible for their medical needs, yet you may likewise get the opportunity to listen to their complaints and give them a feeling of safety.

That is an amazingly satisfying feeling that is not found in other professions. This feeling of being fulfilled keeps nurses going despite the hard work involved in the career.

Get Ready To Start A Career In Nursing

Nursing is a good career option if you are someone with compassion, interested in gaining knowledge in health care, and love to help other people. 

The good news is that nurses are hard to replace, and you can have a stable job as you build your career. You get to enjoy good rewards in terms of high earnings and other benefits, and there can’t be a more purpose-filled career than nursing.

If you are ready to pick up a career in nursing, now is the time. Enroll in a good school of your choice and enjoy the journey.

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