5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dwarf Wall Greenhouse In Your Garden

A greenhouse improves planting efficiency for bountiful results. It protects plants against harsh elements like extreme weather changes and pests. Also, having a greenhouse provides you a longer growing season regardless of your gardening preference and style.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dwarf Wall Greenhouse In Your Garden

Building a dwarf wall greenhouse is a popular trend. So, what are the reasons why you should consider installing a dwarf wall greenhouse in your garden? In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question by learning the features and benefits of dwarf wall greenhouses.

What Is a Dwarf Wall Greenhouse?

A dwarf wall greenhouse makes a distinct garden feature, which is a greenhouse sturdily built on a short brick wall. You’ll find a great range of dwarf wall greenhouses, such as brick base greenhouses, in which the dwarf wall strengthens and insulates the greenhouse. The brick base absorbs warmth during the day and releases the heat back into the greenhouse to avoid cold later in the evening.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should have a dwarf wall greenhouse in your garden.

A Dwarf Wall Greenhouse Adds Home Curb Appeal

Building a greenhouse on a dwarf wall is a great idea. It can be a focal point in your landscape. In the past, the dwarf wall greenhouses had to be handmade. But it’s a good thing that dwarf wall greenhouse model versions are now available for you to buy.

The extra headroom of dwarf wall greenhouses provides clear and beautiful views from windows. It allows designing doors into whichever side the homeowner prefers, instead of getting stuck to the gable. Installing double doors is possible, which is elegant to look and more convenient for lawnmowers and wheelbarrows.

You’ll find a great range of dwarf wall greenhouses at www.swgreenhouses.co.uk that you can choose from to bring beauty and utmost functionality to your garden. You can choose from different sizes and materials, depending on your greenhouse gardening needs and style.

Check out the available dwarf wall greenhouses in the market today:

  • Attractive 6ft wide painted dwarf wall with brick base and glass and aluminum greenhouse
  • Victorian style 8ft wide painted dwarf wall with modern materials
  • Clearview Lancashire inspired 5ft 9in wide dwarf wall greenhouse in multiple lengths
  • Clearview Hampshire inspired 8ft 9in wide dwarf wall greenhouse in multiple lengths
  • High-quality thermowood 8ft 9in wide dwarf wall greenhouse

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses Are Durable

A brick wall base adds tons of benefits to a greenhouse. It provides a good foundation for your entire greenhouse, which means long years of use and fruitful harvests. Frames fixed to a dwarf wall are stable, even in high winds. Also, dwarf wall greenhouses support extra headroom, which is highly beneficial for tall and hanging plants and gardeners.

They Are a Better Way of Controlling Temperature

A dwarf wall greenhouse controls temperature very well. The wall made of brick serves as a heat sink, which heats up slowly during the day. It effectively cools your greenhouse and prevents overheating. With the extra headroom of dwarf wall greenhouses, the tops of tall plants don’t get scorched on very hot days.

During the night, the air cools rapidly when the sun goes down. The dwarf wall retains the heat and stabilizes the temperature to avoid cold and keep plants healthy. Dwarf wall greenhouses are perfectly suitable during the winter months.

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses Are Cost-effective

Most greenhouses nowadays are made of glass, which is expensive. In the prevailing economic conditions, building a brick wall as a base for your greenhouse significantly reduces the costs associated with building a glass greenhouse. Because dwarf wall greenhouses are durable and require less maintenance, you can use them for many years.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dwarf Wall Greenhouse In Your Garden

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses Protect Your Plants

Greenhouse gardening is a lot more enjoyable if you know that your plants are protected against the elements. However, aluminum frames that aren’t seated on a concrete foundation provide no defense against burrowing animals. Aside from land animals and pests, some birds even dig the ground of greenhouses to reach the fruits inside.

Dwarf walls are usually about two feet, either brick or timber. While aluminum frames can keep out pests like rats, the brick base of a dwarf wall greenhouse provides very strong pest protection for your plants.


Dwarf wall greenhouses are robust and elegant landscape features that bring out the functional beauty of every garden. Installing a dwarf wall greenhouse is more cost-effective than a full glass greenhouse. It provides superior plant protection against pests, harsh weather conditions, and the sun’s heat. Investing in dwarf wall greenhouses is a good idea because of its great durability, which means bountiful harvests for many years to come.

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