5 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

Without any doubt, your garage is one of the most important and useful parts of your home. These days, garages are more than just a place for parking vehicles and storing things you don’t use regularly. It’s one of the most prominent features people will notice about the design of your home. Also, many people use their garage as the main entrance and exit in their homes. Others even use it as their workspace, gym, play space, mud room, or bedroom.

However, the size of most garage doors mean that they can be very vulnerable to extreme heat and energy loss. One of the most effective ways to control this is to have an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door provides several benefits including saving you money on monthly energy bills, and improving your way of life.

From an energy-efficient garage space to the improved protection of your vehicles, here are five benefits of adding an extra layer of insulation to your garage door.

Increased Energy Efficiency

This is one of the major reasons why you should insulate your garage door. Insulated garage doors do not allow hot air to enter during the summer and prevent heat from escaping in colder temperatures. This creates a moderate temperature within the garage and results in an ideal and stable temperature within your house, reducing your energy usage and bills as your cooling and heating system won’t consume as much energy.

Increased Durability and Door Strength

Garage doors are quite strong, but the extra padding on insulated garage doors make them even stronger. The increased durability means that your door will be able to withstand damage and dents from people, cars, kids, pets, weather, as well as constant opening and closing. Insulated garage doors, with proper and regular maintenance last longer as they are resistant to rust, sun, heat and other elements that can reduce their lifespan.

Better Protection of Your Vehicle

It is very important to protect your vehicles against extreme temperatures in the garage as they can get damaged over time. If cars are left in cold temperatures for too long, they can start having issues such as dying battery, air pressure loss in tires, thickening of car fluids, and several other issues. Having your garage door insulated will ensure that your car is always in proper working condition.

This massive benefit of garage door insulation can be enjoyed by having it done by professionals. Garage door experts like BP Garage Doors Tampa will ensure that you can truly enjoy the benefits of an insulated door. They will apply insulation with accuracy and use methods that won’t unravel or destroy your door.

Reduced Noise Levels

Insulating your garage door ensures that it operates much quieter than when it’s not insulated. Depending on the type of your garage door, noise from the outdoors can also creep in. Having a well-insulated garage door can be a massive benefit as both the noise from your garage door and the neighborhood are absorbed. It is especially beneficial if you love spending time in rooms close to your garage, work late with your tools in the garage, or at night when you need a peaceful rest.

Warmth and Convenience

Insulating your garage creates a more comfortable environment in your home. You will also be able to use your garage through most seasons, winter or summer. With the proper insulation, you can turn your garage into a mud room, play space, entertaining space or your own personal workshop.

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