5 Reasons Why You Should Own At Least One Stressless Recliner

The Norwegian company, Ekornes, produces a line of stressless recliners designed with you in mind. This company expertly crafts its recliners to consider the comfort of the buyer over all else. Instead of mass-manufacturing chairs that you may or may not fit into, every detail of the chair’s construction is taken into account to demonstrate how much they care. There are plenty of good reasons why everyone should have at least one stressless recliner in their home. Read on to learn why.

Why Stressless Recliners are a Top Choice

Body Support

Starting with the focus on you, we can tell you that stressless recliners offer excellent support for your body structure, mainly in the lumbar region, on the neck, and for the head. The adjustable headrest allows you to align yourself properly, and perforated air pockets within the chair will enable you to sink into the cushion rather than feeling like you’re sitting against it. Sitting in a stressless recliner takes the stress off your back immediately, and you’ll be able to soothe the aches that have developed in your back muscles throughout the day. Not to mention, the American Chiropractic Association has endorsed these recliners, further crediting just how beneficial these chairs are for your body.


Stressless recliners are plentiful; they come in many colors, various designs, various bases (with multiple options of wood-stains), and in either fabric or leather. Choosing a stressless recliner gives you plenty of options so that you can fit them seamlessly into the style and scheme of your home. You can check out a whole lineup of Ekornes stressless recliners at European Leather Gallery to give you an idea of just how many options there are.

Stressless recliners also come in multiple size options to accommodate various heights and body weights. European Leather Gallery offers a size chart if you aren’t sure which chair might be best suited for you. If you can, it’s best to be able to test them out in person to honestly know what feels right.

Careful Construction

These recliners are built with the most ergonomic support they can manage. Layers of foam are padded directly onto a steel frame, with a swivel base, and equipped with a complex system of strings that adjusts to your body weight and position. Leather, or fabric, is then stretched over the foam and sewn together with care by hand. For Erkones, every detail matters.


Ekornes build stressless recliners to last. From the durable European Beechwood bases to the three layers of perforated foam to the sturdy steel frame, you’re getting a high-quality product that feels just as great as it looks. Even the fabric and leather are tested for ideal strength and elasticity before it goes on the chair. The outside will look and feel just as luxurious as all the support underneath.

Environmentally Friendly

As if everything else wasn’t already amazing, Ekornes believes in taking care of the environment, and no material that they use goes to waste. Ekornes sells the scraps to other companies, uses the leftover wood to heat their facilities, and recycles everything that needs to be recycled to ensure ethically made products by people who genuinely care about what they’re selling.

All in all, stressless is a line worth looking into if what you need is a recliner that molds to your body and lets you support a good company, too. With an array of styles to match your home, a high-quality build that can last you for decades, and body conformity carefully crafted over generations, it’s safe to say that everyone should have at least one stressless recliner in their home.

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